dawes super galaxy 853
Friction shifting, a 5 speed freewheel and a standard double crankset for what is a touring bike ( 52/40 ), centre-pull brakes and clamp-on mounting, yes, this is a bike from the time which enthusiasts would call “the era of classic touring bike”. Although I bought another bike it was not the same and I wish I had it back. I am considering buying the Windsor Tourist, I have read a few of the CrazyGuyOnaBike website journals where the tourists used them. The woman on the phone was well versed in the Dawes bicycles, she helped figure out the size I needed, (we had measuring tapes and guidance from her.) Dawes Super Galaxy Reynolds 853 Touring Bike. That's a tough climb. I think I prefer the shifters on the super galaxy but I'd expect more than that for an extra £250. The same goes for internal gears vs. standard gears. I live in London UK. Ending Sunday at 10:36AM GMT 1d 13h Collection in person. As a subscriber you can read road.cc ad-free, from as little as £1.99. I remember how I used to dream of owning a Raleigh Ti Team 753 as a boy. So let’s be clear: there’s no way this bike is going to rival the beautiful ride of the Touristique, a bike from the early 1990’s with a very different set up. Advertising, commercial: sales [at] road.ccView our media pack. Yes - I was unimpressed with the Shimano canti brakes. Tiagra shifters perform well, and are excellent value. Notify me before the end of the auction . You had to mix and match components to get low gears and adequate brakes for the tank-like load you carried. I sold it to a friend not long after I restored it, and it’s being ridden daily as a commuter. They were poor, with modest stopping power and no bite. We are both hoping to be able to join up with Darren Alff on his Swiss ride this year. Would you change the wheels or tyres? Dawes Super Galaxy. One for the meths bottle for stove fuel. Touch wood that hasn't been fully tested yet, because they also have a reputation for being a complete pig to remove and fit. So, it’s 19 years old… How has it faired? That said, anyone contemplating a self-supported tour would be wise to consider fitting front carriers as they not only they let you carry more gear, but they make the bike more stable, and therefore easier to ride. Did it do particular things well or badly? local shop advised not to as its such a ‘fans’ bike and to sell it on ebay and get a new upright bike. Darren, Since you do a lot of touring, which bike do you tour on? It has been to France and taken me over some of Norways spectacular fjords and passes. They also have a reputation for being highly p*nct*re resistant. 5/10, perhaps. Wild camping most of the time. I have late 90s Galaxy, which has been excellent. All rights reserved. 2020 has been a memorable year with hardships all over the world. or Best Offer. Dawes Super Galaxy 853. Faultlessly! A set of lights would be a smart addition as well. During the test period I did experience two snapped chains - something that I've never had happen to me before - but the second incidence may well be a failure of my initial repair and who knows what the bike had been through before it got to me? The saddle, a Selle Italia Flite FLX, suffered a weird injury during a brief intermission in the testing (the bike went to some chap in York for a month or so) so I swapped it out for a Brooks, but it felt comfy enough when I did use it and was the saddle of choice for my mate Andy during his LEJOG last year. . Dawes also has a number of specialist touring bike dealers throughout Great Britain who are able to help you. . The heart of the Super Galaxy is a Reynolds 631 steel frame. Will it last longer? If there isn’t one where you live, FreeFlow Bikes in Glasgow is the company’s main exporter. At least, I think that's what it means and while there's a whole debate to be had about the merits of different steels and whether the numbers mean a great deal in the Real World(TM). Had to reduce chain ring size to get low enough gears.Broke gear hanger lug whilst in mountains and had to reset gearing by chain breaking and re linking when we got to the tarmac road. I was with my Dad and 3 brothers, with a sister driving the sag. At the time, the touring bicycle was at the opposite end of the cycling spectrum and hidden in the shadow of the mountain bike. would you recommend any changes? I am the proud owner of a Dawes Galaxy Super Tourist with Reynolds 531 steel tubes. Ok..nice looking bike. But keep in mind that there are three different models in the range and that the higher up in the range you go, the better these extra add-ons become. Any particularly good or bad components? Because these Galaxy touring bicycles come so well equipped off the showroom floor, they are a perfect bike for a first time long-distance cycle tour or as an upgrade for someone who has tried cycle touring in the past on a bike that wasn’t as well-suited for the job. Dawes never sponsored a team in the Tour De France, and had never bothered to develop any racing pedigree or an iconic team bike. It has a strange combination of parts: French made high flange Normandy hubs, a Japanese transmission with Suntour derailleurs and a Sakae crank ( branded Dawes ), Weinmann rims and brakes, an Italian saddle, and bits of other Japanese parts including a Tange bottom bracket and SR stem. LOVE this bike. also of note… my ultra gal came equipped with a Brooks B17… nice touch. Tech, reviews: tech [at] road.cc He toured Nepal on it so it has been up the Himalayas. My friend gave me his Dawes bike when he gave up cycling and i would like to restore it but it has lost the top tube decals. After a good quality frame, all bikes benefit from a good pair of wheels. I've been testing the Super for a large proportion of the year and having racked up well over 700 miles I can confidently say that it's a very nice bike and I'd happily own one. or Best Offer. In order for the Galaxy to truly be tour ready you will need to buy panniers and a handlebar bag or a trailer. The shallow drop bars (FSA Wing Compact) are a favourite of mine and make it easy to cruise on the drops without putting your back in jeopardy. ha esetleg szeretne valaki venni egy super galaxyit az kérem jelezze nekem. Cantilever brakes derived from mountain bikes are the ideal choice for a heavy bike, and naturally a wide range of gear ratios are welcome too. It's a large bike and with the high front end it's always going to favour comfort over speed. Tell us about the geometry of the frame and fork? Hi, I loved reading this article. I have been looking for a Dawes Touring ,Possibly the Dawes double Blue. Chess, ludo and tiddlywinks are acceptable pastimes in Surrey, but only as long as you're quiet. All three Galaxy models have Shimano cantilever brakes and wide ratio chain sets. It wasn’t an expensive bike, and our point of reference was the first page of glossy competition road bikes in the Raleigh catalogue stuffed in my friend’s coat pocket. Help us to make it better. It was the racing bike that captured our imaginations as kids back then. My interest is I am A Dawes, and and liked my name on the frame. I was in the bicycle business for 34 years and sold Dawes. Rims Alex XT19 double wall alloy with eyelets. Yes. That said, it does feel bulletproof. All material © Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) Limited, Unit 7b Green Park Station BA11JB. LA Cycles / Lee Cooper comes to mind. It was during this time that mountain bikes were becoming mainstream and the image of the rough and tough off-road rider was attracting first-time cyclists to the sport/activity in a way that had never occurred before. OK I wouldn’t be doing any big jumps but stick some cyclocross tyres on it and I’d happily take my Galaxy anywhere I’d take my MTB! How did the bike feel overall? For 30 years he ran a well-known local bike store. do you know how I can determine it’s model age/price? I hope someone who is a Galaxy expert can answer it for us, as I’ve never owned a Super Galaxy and I’ve never learned the difference between them. I simply love this bike. It was never meant for swift passage; mote for solid comfort. I wouldn’t say that this is a great looking bike, and the colour seems to lack sparkle or shimmer, even though it is of good quality. I have ridden the same Dawes Galaxy since 1995/96. The lugs are understated but elegant and in keeping with the rest of the frame, I’m not sure what brand they are. A French Frameset, but Branded Battaglin?


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