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The unexplained deaths that Dr. G investigates can be attributed to various causes, such as undiagnosed medical conditions, accidents, or foul play. “This is a second-level review of these orders to confirm that each of these patients received the appropriate care and/or follow up.”. It's not clear if colleges will amend the deadlines and requirements for their own application processes. After a high-profile career, Dr. G went into retirement in 2015.[2]. The Tampa Bay Times first reported the technicians’ concerns in July, and the hospital’s chief of staff, Colleen Jakey, wrote to providers the following month asking them to review canceled orders, according to a copy of the correspondence obtained by USA TODAY. In 2016, hospitals were told to try contacting patients multiple times before cancellations. The numbers reached 29,000 in Columbia, S.C.; 21,000 in Cleveland; and 12,000 in Washington. Those could have been follow-up scans for veterans who might have been at risk of developing medical conditions, such as cancer recurrence. If the tests were still needed, patients should be contacted to schedule them. "There will definitely be a psychological impact of delaying testing on all students.". Interviews with Dr. G, family members, and other people connected to the deaths are also shown. That same month, records indicate, Bickford canceled an order for a follow-up CT scan to monitor a veteran’s lung nodules. The VA inspector general is auditing mass cancellations at eight VA medical centers “to determine whether VA processed radiology requests in a timely manner and appropriately managed canceled requests,” VA Inspector General Michael Missal said. Dettbarn started collecting cancellation notices for diagnostic procedures such as CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds. More than 325,000 orders for scans of veteran patients had not been completed nationwide. Or a tip on how your town or community is handling the pandemic? Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Dr. G, or Dr. Jan Garavaglia, was (at the time the show was produced) the Chief Medical Examiner with Florida's District Nine Medical Examiner's office in Orlando, Florida. "She has been prepping for months and now with all classes canceled, she won't have any supports outside of studying on her own moving forward," Dillon told Insider. VA hospitals came under increasing pressure to address outstanding diagnostic orders after a conference call that national officials convened with radiology managers across the country in January 2017. Strauser told USA TODAY that administrators went beyond past orders and canceled future ones. “Cancer grows very quickly, and our patients are not like those patients on the outside – it doesn’t mean that cancer doesn’t happen in private practice. In a dozen states, there were VA medical centers with more than 5,000 outstanding orders, his presentation said. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, How coronavirus concerns will influence 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth's busy royal schedule, A Tennessee man who stockpiled 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer, and is under investigation for price gouging, has donated them, 5 things that can help to boost your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak, and 5 that won't, 7 online education tools for parents who are homeschooling during the coronavirus outbreak. since. "We'll be as flexible as possible to give students the best chance to show their skills and stay on the path to college.". “Doctors will put an order in for six months in advance and sometimes even a year in advance, and we were getting cancellations of those future orders,” she said. It remains unclear how this will affect college applications for high school students, especially for teens still looking to apply for fall 2020 and winter 2021 semesters. “To have a patient show up for a scan and not have an order – you’re like, ‘What the heck is going on?’ ” he told USA TODAY in an interview. March, April, and May SAT and ACT exams across the United States have been postponed and canceled amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Stacy Dillon, a parent who lives in New York, told Insider that her daughter is "very frustrated" by the delay in testing. "The safety of students and test center staff is ACT's top priority," the company said. In press releases issued by ACT entrance exam and The College Board, which runs the SAT, the organizations said they were holding off testing as a safety measure. VA hospitals canceled more than 250,000 radiology orders since 2016, raising concerns some may have canceled medically needed tests improperly. Dillon called for exam results to be exempt from fall 2020 applications to help those that are still applying and said it makes "perfect sense" to cancel the exams for students, especially in areas where COVID-19 cases have been reported. He said “some” exam orders were “canceled without following proper policies or procedures.”, In those instances, Clark said, “appropriate personnel actions were taken to correct the behavior, and staff reviewed the cancellations to ensure every order that required action was appropriately reviewed by a radiology provider.”. Bickford declined to comment and referred questions to the Iowa City VA. Some dated back to the 1980s, but others were only months old. Do you have a personal experience with the coronavirus you'd like to share? The agency said it welcomes the oversight and is working with the inspector general to improve cancellation guidelines. In Iowa City, Dettbarn alerted the hospital’s compliance officer about his concerns. The VA declined to comment on disciplinary proceedings without Dettbarn’s written consent to discuss personnel matters, which he did not provide. A spokesperson from Common App told Insider that it does not set policies for the more than 900 colleges and universities it represents, but it has suggested that those schools extend deadlines for specific applicants and consider fee waivers for those impacted by the novel coronavirus. Please email covidtips@businessinsider.com and tell us your story. The SAT's March 28 make up exams and its May 2 tests have been canceled, and ACT's April 4 test has been rescheduled to June 4. Dettbarn has been detailed to a job collating VA records since July 2017. Insider has reached out to The Common Application, Inc., which helps administer applications for most American colleges in conjunction with the ACT and College Board. “We believe appropriate action was taken,” Jakey wrote, adding that a review of a random sample of cancellations did not turn up any cases of harm to veterans. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. “He came to (us) and said, ‘We’ve got to get this cleaned up now. Some orders may have been duplicates ordered by two different doctors. After receiving inquiries from USA TODAY, a ninth was added – Iowa City.


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