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Artfire functions like a lot of other online flea markets. was started in 2011 by a guy that wanted to offer people a place to sell things much like you would at a flea-market. You can ask questions, request more photos and essentially hammer out the details of whatever you are trying to purchase. Join thousands of users and download our free guide on money making apps. “Home to a universe of special, extraordinary items”. Keep in mind that these alerts will go out to everyone who has liked the item, so from there it can be a bit of a race to see who will take advantage of the deal first. Shoes, clothes, clocks, watches, blenders, toys, and anything else you can physically type into the search engine. It doesn’t charge you to list your stuff for sale and you don’t pay any commission when your items sell either. And if we really take it back, some of those items were flea infested. Complaints of poor quality (some people are selling, Quality pieces that have gone through a real vetting process, Each seller’s shop gives small town vibes, Smaller market of goods (compared to Etsy or eBay), Option for free returns or upgraded 1-day shipping, No way to authenticate a purchase before buying, Can use directly with your established Amazon account, Amazon Prime available (depends on seller), Guaranteed to get something unique and handmade, Can run into issues communicating with sellers, Full of a lot of vintage items, not just clothes, Great way to support small businesses (and local for those in the tucson area), Complaints of slow shipments (or no shipments), Can take time to filter through the junk and the true treasures, Place” wanted” ads and get alerted when your want is posted, Fairly new so not a lot of reviews available, – Safe, online classifieds. We ask that all auctions are paid for within 7 days of the auctions end. Any issues that may arise with a purchase, they immediately get in contact to help rectify the situation. Everything for sale will have a description, price, photos, shipping costs, store policies, and hopefully a few reviews. They also knew that the interest in unique antiques was growing. Thankfully we’ve moved beyond those days and don’t even need to leave our home to find whatever we are on the hunt for. Like eBay and Bonanza, Mercari functions much like an online flea market where you can pretty much buy anything, as their tagine suggests. Join our mailing list for our FREE guide on 101 Money Making Apps! At its inception, it was created as a place to make it easier to find classically vintage things. PoshMark uses algorithms that save your search information and interests so that every time you log in new items will pop up that may appeal to you. You put your things on fleabay. They have everything because it is their mission to be the world’s favorite shopping destination. You do have the option to offer a lower price, but in general the listed amounts are reasonable. is your table. Another unique feature of Amazon are the reviews. The buyer guarantees are top notch. Make sure whatever you are buying says free returns next to the word Prime. Ruby Lane has earned a top spot when it comes to excellent customer service and excellent communication from sellers with their buyers. The broad range of shops on Etsy keep the site popular. And if you find something local, you can make arrangements to pick it up directly. Like flea markets of old, Etsy modeled itself after them as much as an online store can. But, since PoshMark is an online marketplace, much like a flea market, I figured I had to put it on the list. As online flea markets go, Mercari is right there in the middle in terms of its quality, ease of use, and potential to find what you need. If a seller doesn’t check these boxes, then they are probably not worth buying from. No one will probably go for it but at least the option is there. And using eBay is easy via the website or the app. For anyone on the lookout for that special something, this is the site for you. I like that Etsy has such open communication between sellers and buyers. Some of the stuff listed on vFlea are downright bizarre, for instance you can find a timeshare on there for $21K right now. And one thing to note about Amazon purchases is that a lot of them come with free returns, so if something doesn’t work out, you can always send it back. 2. You can check some of our latest hot selling products in stock below: Cash or PayPal only. From what I’ve read, Amazon can be notorious for bad sellers. They aim to be the go-to source for people to find valuable and unique items at a great price. If it’s reasonable you can end up saving a few bucks. 15"W x 22.5"H x 14.75"D. Gently used in extremely good condition. Baby Jogger 81260KIT2 2011 City Select Stroller with Second Seat - Onyx===$220 You can find handbags, belts, shoes, clothing, dollhouses, jewelry, toys, cradles and so much more. Or if a seller is actually legitimate. And you don’t need to bid on anything. The positive feedback speaks for itself. Unlike regular Amazon, where anyone can set up a store front and start selling, Amazon Handmade has a stricter criteria. ONLINE FLEA MARKET a 6 438 membres. If you’re looking to buy stuff, then Letgo is a legit place to do it too. Find Latest Design Roller Blinds Auckland at Nominal Price, VTG Bulova Women’s Watch Mechanical Analog Dress, For Sale Brand new Stokke Xplory V4 2015/Bugaboo cameleon 3 Stroller, fleabay Online Flea-Market Free Classified Ads. The product was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Featured by CNN, Bloomberg Businessweek, Mashable, and Time, Bonanza is great platform for buying and selling stuff. We ship United States Postal Service, within the United States. Prime members can even reap the benefits of Prime shipping with several of the sellers listed on Amazon Handmade. 18" HF driver on a 90 degree horn Bugaboo Bee Stroller Base Black One Size===$280 Once you select something, you will see more pictures, a description, and purchasing details. The beauty of Amazon is that prices are already low, you don’t bid on anything, and there’s no need to try and haggle with a seller. “The place where people want to buy anything and everything.”. This helps new buyers become aware of which sellers are scam artists or if a purchase is actually worth making. This is to ensure the authenticity of the items being listed. Or make an offer if you think the listed price is a wee bit much. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For finding great pieces the site is just as good. These virtual markets are also great if you want to sell stuff – so if you’re looking to clear out the garage or attic give them a go! Not only are you guaranteed to find something cool, you won’t need to spend a lot of money to do it. Shoes, books, wedding apparel pet supplies, art, toys and games are just a few of the category options on Artfire. We are sellers of all types of brand new and original baby strollers and we offer discount prices for bulk purchasers. Central PA. Online Flea Market is a sell, buy,free, and ISO item group page sponsored by "Hee Haul" specializing in "Junk Removal", "Demolition" and "Moving". Works with the FR250z subwoofer polemount base If you want to buy stuff 5Miles is also great. Plus, Mecari will throw out additional discounts on already low prices. The UK shop has since closed, so they must have reigned in their expansion just a bit in order to not get too overwhelmed. To complete payment, you can either use a credit or debit card, HSA/FSA card (for eligible purchases), personal checking account, EBT card, Amazon store credit card or an Amazon gift card. And dare I say, somewhat addictive? Despite this, you have to appreciate Amazon’s ability to not only give you options but to give you everything in one place. Most online flea markets come with their own app. Shpock describes itself as one of the most downloaded boot sale, flea market and classifieds apps. In fact, you can pretty much search for something any time anywhere if you have a smartphone.


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