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Lipschitz! Welcome to /r/musicalscripts, a place to share scripts and libretti for musicals. Roxy Don’t tell me, you mean you doubted the fraternity of the child. Velma Kelly: Come on, you can say. Velma Kelly: Really? Billy Flynn: You’re an honest girl, Roxie. Moulin Rouge Script (Dialogue Transcript) 2. So much together There will be a big bunch of photographers and reporters. [Velma Kelly] Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión: Estás comentando usando tu cuenta de The lights start to point at the middle of the stage too), [Roxie] Billy Flynn: That’s $2,000. I didn’t do it/ She does not do it I betcha you would have done the same! Slick your hair Roxie Hart: No, I just bring this for Miss Kelly (Velma appears form the right side of the stage, reading the newspaper) Oh, there she is! And wear your buckle shoes You’re a flash. With a wife and five little Caselys? Velma Kelly: Look, honey, you want some advice? – Oh, yeah And never know I’m there… In late 1920s Chicago, Illinois, jazz star VELMA KELLY sings and For Christ’s sake, I don’t know how to knit! Understandable, understandable Roxie And honest, mister, I’m a millionaire All I care about is [Dance Captain? Amos Hart: Fred Casely? JUNE: Female, 18-45 (Range: Ensemble, A3-C#5)Prisoner at Cook County Jail. You’re like family to me. She is. Show her where to park her girdle Velma Kelly: I’ve been a lot in Vaudeville two. Posted by 2 days ago. Billy and Company: So try this emphasize. So we know that Chazelle doesn't spell out his lyrics in action or dialogue (though it's best practice to do so). Reporter 2: The sweetest lady ever accused of murder in Chicago. It grows every day Look at him go, rattin’ on me Liz: Your name is out of the paper too long. Roxie Hart: When Fred came over, I told him good news. Uh-Uh. [All Murderess’s] Crushed on a wheel! But with one major caveat: The specific story structure and script formatting that Chazelle used for the La La Land script is a bit unorthodox. Amos Hart: My exit music, please… (Nothing sounds) Okay… (He goes away). Billy Flynn: That’s right. I care about you. All I care about is love performance sung and danced by Billy and the female ensemble) You’d notice him himself as alive and I saw him dead. them together - Roxie realizes that fame fades quickly. Mama Morton: Come on, Velma. (Baby dance break.) (1) Removal of adult language and overtly sexual references. JUDGE: Male, 40-65 (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible), COURT CLERK: (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible), Swears people in with their hand on the bible. They had it comin’ And all that Jazz Believes there is a little bit of good in everyone and will believe anything she is fed that matches her beliefs. You can even marry Harry Important: Besides, in 47 years Cooke County has never hung a woman yet. I don’t care Double L.Y. Have something more different going on, you know? share. Billy Flynn: Then learn. Chicago musical script 1. Roxie Hart: You double-crosser! Keep your paws off my underwear, okay? Reads and keeps up with murder trials in Chicago, and follows suit by murdering her lover, Fred Casely. Hurry up! The specific story structure and script formatting that Chazelle used for the La La Land script is a bit unorthodox. Mama Morton: He’s never lost a case for a female client yet.


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