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La roue est tournée avec une manivelle de la main droite, pendant que la main gauche du musicien joue la mélodie sur un clavier. Her 2019 festival performances included Smaabyfestivalen in Flekkefjord, Norway[6] and Tredegar House folk festival in Newport, Wales[7] Her collaborations include Il y a quelques années, le musicien folk allemand Patty Gurdy est tombé amoureux de l'instrument médiéval appelé "Hurdy-Gurdy". The hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument that produces sound by a hand crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings. In Ukraine, it is known as the lira or relia. In Poland it is called "cranked lyre" (lira korbowa). Most contemporary hurdy-gurdies have 24 keys that cover a range of two chromatic octaves. 1)", "Carnival Row Season 1 Soundtrack Gets a Release with Original Songs from Patty Gurdy", "Amazon/Legendary TV's Hit Series 'Carnival Row' Season One Soundtrack Now Available",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 16:44. Lirnyky were categorised as beggars by the Russian authorities and fell under harsh repressive measures if they were caught performing in the streets of major cities until 1902, when the authorities were asked by ethnographers attending the 12th All-Russian Archaeological conference to stop persecuting them. In Ukraine, a variety called the lira was widely used by blind street musicians, most of whom were purged by Stalin in the 1930s (see Persecuted bandurists). In 2009, it relocated nearby to the Château d'Ars at La Châtre, where it continues to take place during the week nearest July 14 (Bastille Day). The drone strings are tuned so that by turning them on or off, the instrument can be played in multiple keys (e.g., C and G, or G and D). This instrument has two melody strings and four drones. The melody string(s) (French chanterelle(s), Hungarian dallamhúr(ok)) are stopped with tangents attached to keys that change the vibration length of the string, much as a guitarist uses his or her fingers on the fretboard of a guitar. When hard to trigger, the strike or the bridge is said "sec" (dry), "chien sec" or "coup sec". [12], In France, the instrument is known as vielle à roue (wheel fiddle) or simply vielle (even though there is another instrument with this name), while in the French-speaking regions of Belgium it is also known in local dialects as vièrlerète/vièrlète or tiesse di dj'va ('horse's head'). [3] One of the earliest forms of the hurdy-gurdy was the organistrum, a large instrument with a guitar-shaped body and a long neck in which the keys were set (covering one diatonic octave). Nylon is also sometimes used, but is disliked by many players. Another Hungarian name for the instrument is nyenyere, which is thought to be an onomatopoeic reference to the repetitive warble produced by a wheel that is not even. The lute-like body is especially characteristic of French instruments. Many folk music festivals in Europe feature music groups with hurdy-gurdy players. On French-style instruments, the sensitivity of the buzzing bridge can be altered by turning a peg called a tirant in the tailpiece of the instrument that is connected by a wire or thread to the trompette. Pest and Power is out NOW! During the late Renaissance, two characteristic shapes of hurdy-gurdies developed. The instrument is sometimes more descriptively called a wheel fiddle in English, but this term is rarely used among players of the instrument. Vous ne voulez pas voir de publicités ?Mettez à niveau maintenant, Dites-nous ce que vous pensez du site Web de [3] She was a member of German bands Harpyie (under the stage name Io) in 2016[4] and Storm Seeker[3][5] from 2016–2018. When the wheel is accelerated, one foot of the bridge lifts from the soundboard and vibrates, creating a buzzing sound. Son son unique combiné à sa voix passionnée est au cœur de sa musique, qu'elle a présentée sur son nouvel album "PEST & POWER" (2019) ainsi que d'innombrables vidéos sur sa chaîne YouTube. The organistrum had a single melody string and two drone strings, which ran over a common bridge, and a relatively small wheel. Although the song does not use a hurdy-gurdy, the repeated reference to the instrument in the song's lyrics sparked curiosity and interest among young people, eventually resulting in an annual hurdy-gurdy music festival in the Olympic Peninsula area of the state of Washington each September.[9]. They feature a broad keybox and the drone strings run within the keybox. For this reason, the hurdy-gurdy is often used interchangeably or along with bagpipes, particularly in Occitan, Catalan, Cajun French and contemporary Asturian, Cantabric, Galician, Hungarian and Slavic folk music. However, because the tangents can be adjusted to tune individual notes, it is possible to tune hurdy-gurdies to almost any temperament as needed. To achieve proper intonation and sound quality, each string of a hurdy-gurdy must be wrapped with cotton or similar fibers. Both forms are found in French-speaking areas, while guitar-bodied instruments are the general form elsewhere. [16], Electronic hurdy-gurdies, on the other hand, manage completely without strings. The buzzing bridge (commonly called the dog) is an asymmetrical bridge that rests under a drone string on the sound board. During the 18th century, however, French Rococo tastes for rustic diversions brought the hurdy-gurdy back to the attention of the upper classes, where it acquired tremendous popularity among the nobility, with famous composers writing works for the hurdy-gurdy. Avez-vous des informations générales à son sujet ? Such common terms include the following: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the mid 18th century origin of the term hurdy-gurdy is onomatopoeic in origin, after the repetitive warble in pitch that characterizes instruments with solid wooden wheels that have warped due to changes in humidity or after the sound of the buzzing-bridge. Revivals have been underway for many years as well in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands,[10]:85–116, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine. The cotton on melody strings tends to be quite light, while drone strings have heavier cotton. In addition, individual strings (in particular the melody strings) often have to have their height above the wheel surface adjusted by having small pieces of paper placed between the strings and the bridge, a process called shimming. In Portugal, it is called sanfona.[13]:211–221. [unreliable source?]. ", Slovene Folklore, Author(s): F. S. Copeland, Source: Folklore, Vol. [11], "PATTY GURDY - Pest & Power : Review bei Stormbringer", "HARPYIE – Hurdy-gurdy player Io has left the band! Because of the small size of the wheel these instruments most commonly have three strings: one melody string, one tenor drone and one bass drone. Most of it originated in the Baroque period. The following description of various types uses this framework:[14][15]:23–40. A person who plays the hurdy-gurdy is called a hurdy-gurdist, or (particularly for players of French instruments) viellist. When the crank is struck, the hammer lifts up suddenly and vibrates against the soundboard, producing a characteristic rhythmic buzz that is used as an articulation or to provide percussive effect, especially in dance pieces. These instruments generally have a narrow keybox with drone strings that run outside the keybox. The tail of the buzzing bridge is inserted into a narrow vertical slot (or held by a peg in Hungarian instruments) that holds the buzzing bridge in place (and also serves as a bridge for additional drone strings on some instruments). ASP,[3] Alestorm,[8] Faun,[9] and Ayreon[10]. Medieval depictions of the symphonia show both types of keys. In her overview of the instrument's history, Palmer recorded twenty-three different forms,[7]:23–34 and there is still no standardized design today. Patty Gurdy (Patricia Büchler ) is a hurdy-gurdy musician, singer and songwriter from Germany. Later on, the organistrum was made smaller to let a single player both turn the crank and work the keys. In Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, the instrument is called "wheel lyre" (колёсная лира, колісна ліра, колавая ліра). Une nouvelle version de est disponible. The hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument that produces sound by a hand crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings. Hungarian type buzzing bridge (on a bass tekerő), Regional types of hurdy-gurdies since the Renaissance can also be classified based on wheel size and the presence or absence (and type) of a buzzing bridge. Melodies are played on a keyboard that presses tangents—small wedges, typically made of wood—against one or more of the strings to change their pitch. [11] Alternately, the term is thought to come from the Scottish and northern English term for uproar or disorder, hirdy-girdy[7]:41 or from hurly-burly,[7]:40 an old English term for noise or commotion. The buzzing bridge is thought to have been borrowed from the tromba marina (monochord), a bowed string instrument. Pulling keys upward is cumbersome, so only slow tunes could be played on the organistrum. By the end of the 17th century changing musical tastes demanded greater polyphonic capabilities than the hurdy-gurdy could offer and pushed the instrument to the lowest social classes; as a result it acquired names like the German Bauernleier 'peasant's lyre' and Bettlerleier 'beggar's lyre'. Such organs require only the turning of the crank to play; the music is coded by pinned barrels, perforated paper rolls, and, more recently, by electronic modules. The signals for the melody strings are purely generated electronically by the keys and also in combination with the rotation of the wheel. The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to those of a violin. Patty Gurdy (Patricia Büchler[1]) is a hurdy-gurdy musician, singer and songwriter from Germany.


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