bully dog 40428 manual
Code 160 Software Learn More . Device Manual Is it true H&S bought bully dog, for all the US government emissions fiasco, in order to sell dpf/egr deletes under another name? Do I Need a Custom Tune for an Aftermarket Exhaust? Our Technical Support team is here for you. If I Use 87 Octane Gas, Can I Use the 93 Octane Tune? What’s the Difference Between the X4 and the Livewire? Is There Any Harm in me Leaving my Device Connected to the Vehicle OBDII Port Overnight? Vehicle | Tuning Index How to unlock your X4 (7015) Is there a fix? How do I load Custom Tunes on my BDX/GTX Device? Bully Dog General Questions Learn More . How Can I Tell Which Tune File I Last Flashed into my Vehicle? This Page is your gateway to all of the latest information on Bully Dog Products, including all of the installation and the frequently asked questions of Tech Support. Can I load a Custom Tune that was not Made for my Device? Includes a new ECM unlock cable for use with 2013-16 Ram trucks, and a used pyro lead (probe not included) REDUCED TO $700 CASH!!!! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How Do I Get Custom Tunes for my SCT Device? My Cruise Control Doesn't Work After Tuning. Device Not Recognized While Connected to the Computer? Do you support DPF and/or EGR Deletes? Do I Need a Tune for a Cold Air Intake? How Do I Adjust Tire Size or TPMS? I updated my Bully Dog GT40428 (Canada only) and now it won`t install the delete tune back in the truck. Was this article helpful? Device Not Recognized While Connected to the Computer? How to Enable High Idle on a 03-07 Dodge Cummins 5.9L, Device Frozen on Initializing Communication, 10007 Error When I Try to Select Gauges/Datalog. Thuren suspension & Anarchy EFI live tuning - because stock is boring. Returning my Vehicle Back to Stock using the GT. Is there a fix? I haven't really driven the truck since updating it, I've been using my winter beater the last few weeks so can't really say if the rough idle is gone. How Do I Wire an Analog Input to my Device? Device Not Recognized While Connected to the Computer? What are These Options? When Loading a Tune, I Get Asked to Adjust Options.


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