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One particularly compelling theory has suggested the location of the dungeon in the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. Jump To The animation of what could be Ganondorf’s mummified corpse could be another teaser that places BOTW 2 in the Gerudo’s ancestral home. In case you’re not familiar with the larger Zelda franchise, the hookshot is a pretty consistent item typically found within a dungeon during the game. In the absence of any form of official update from Nintendo, plenty of rumours have been doing the rounds on the Breath of the Wild 2 subreddit. And the worst thing is that this teaser has been hidden in plain sight all along! Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Trailer: Theories, Breakdown, And More Seeing Midna or Zant would have sealed the deal. Trademarks and brands are the property of DEDICATION: u/TheSadisticLemon really did their research on this one! Alternative modes are the best way to appease beginners and veterans alike, as they engage with the game in entirely different ways! “That kind of defeated the purpose of what we wanted to accomplish in Breath of the Wild,” said series producer Eiji Aonuma. The animation of what could be Ganondorf’s mummified corpse is leading theory that that places BOTW 2 in the Gerudo’s ancestral home. Breath of the Wild 2: Reddit - Multiplayer, Playable Zelda, Location Teaser, Combat & More A quick visit to the Zelda subreddit will leave you questioning everything, so here's our take on it. But in this game, you could do that by climbing and parasailing.”. We caught our first glimpse of BOTW 2 at E3 2019, with a spooky trailer that captures Zelda and Link exploring an underground chamber. Deep within the Gerudo Desert in Breath of the Wild, the Arbiter’s Grounds are buried under a whole lot of sand. However, a Reddit user has formed a rather convincing theory that places the underground dungeon in a very specific region. We really do hope that some standalone DLC focused on Zelda is under discussion at Nintendo, so we will be back with an update when we receive one! While we can see what the user is saying, their views certainly do not serve as an accurate barometer for the mood of the community. As the name suggests, it’s a spring-based grappling gun that let’s you vault across the map by attaching to specific targets — or pull enemies/items towards you. That shift meant the traditional hookshot, which appears at a specific moment to help you complete certain challenges, wouldn’t work in BotW, though it didn’t stop the company from trying. On the topic of location, countless theories have emerged on where Link and Zelda might end up next. their respective owners. What unites both parties is that they both cite unofficial information and leaks as gospel, so keep your wits about you if you visit the page. However, before we get into it, we need to remind you to take this speculation with a pinch of salt. Continue below for some interesting stories we found on the Zelda subreddit. We've seen countless unofficial theories about what kind of adventure Link and Zelda might embark on next, but one, in particular, has some substance to it. © 2020 Gfinity. Latest trailer. Deep within the Gerudo Desert in Breath of the Wild, the Arbiter’s Grounds are buried under a whole lot of sand. A DARK TURN: Insidious forces threaten the survival of Hyrule. IS THIS JUST A TEASE: This theorist really did their research, and their overarching story somewhat checks out! EASY, MEDIUM, HARD OR LEGENDARY: You should be in control of your experience. In a 2017 interview with IGN shortly after Breath of the Wild’s release, Nintendo executives explained that they actually came up with a new dual-hookshot system to let Link swing through Hyrule like Spider-Man — but it was ultimately scrapped for a few important reasons. So a magic green arm that doubles as a hookshot wouldn’t be that out of place. To cut a long story short, the theorist suggests that Link and Zelda made their way into the ruins and found Ganondorf imprisoned (there like he was in Twilight Princess). Could that arm become a new sort of hookshot as Link teams up with this mysterious new force in his fight against evil? Well, Nintendo could simply add-in that scrapped dual-hookshot feature (which sounds freaking awesome) and build the game around it to ensure that Link’s Spider-Man-esque abilities don’t ruin the rest of the experience. Some posts focus on what new features could be coming to the game, like a multiplayer option and content for a playable Zelda. Breath of the Wild 2 has been Nintendo’s most closely guarded secret since the game was revealed at E3 2019. It might sound ridiculous, but this is a video game series where you travel through time and dimensions, transform into a wolf, and ride around on a talking boat. Sat on the back of an elephant-like creature, the pair witness the rise of an evil looking warrior, amongst a few less disturbing things. Now read: Everything we know about Breath of the Wild 2. However, a Reddit user has formed a rather convincing theory that places the underground dungeon in a very specific region. Breath of the Wild represented a similar leap as Nintendo embraced an open-world design where players could complete the game in whatever order they wanted, rather than follow a strict narrative path. Others focus on small bits of information in the hope of unveiling a new piece of information on the sequel. Difficulty options that impact health regeneration and enemy difficulty at the very least would be a nice touch from the developers, but we are remaining hopeful. So the question arises – was there a teaser for the sequel hiding in plain sight this entire time, and we just didn’t notice? After BotW’s release, the company revealed how close it came to including an exciting new version of the classic item, and with the announcement of Breath of the Wild 2, some fans are hopeful that the hookshot could be making a comeback. Explore an endless ocean of clouds, where the last remnants of civilization live on the backs of colossal beasts called Titans. To cut a long story short, the theorist suggests that Link and Zelda are exploring the ruins of where Ganondorf imprisoned in Twilight Princess. Trademarks and brands are the property of What gives this theory substance is that the trailer is full of Gerudo hieroglyphics eerily similar to those seen in the Twilight Princess version of the Arbiter’s Grounds. © 2020 Gfinity. It first appeared in the third Zelda game, A Link to the Past, but really got an upgrade when the series when from 2D to 3D graphics in Ocarina of Time. Director Hidemaro Fujibayashi added that they even included a hookshot in early internal versions of Breath of the Wild: So what does this mean for Breath of the Wild 2? Alternatively, we could be getting a new type of hookshot entirely. In the teaser, Link is saved by a glowing green arm that was previously keeping Ganondorf contained. CO-OP: Nothing will get the community more excited than an option to play as Zelda. their respective owners. SUSPICIOUS: u/lualdu has made up their mind on the playable Zelda debate. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a huge step forward for Nintendo’s beloved series, but it also removed one of Link’s most iconic tools: the hookshot. Based on everything we know, it actually seems pretty likely — the new trailer might even tease a fresh spin on the old feature.


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