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The RNLI Gold Medal for Gallantry "Let not the deep swallow me up" Born in 1800 to a family with a long tradition of Naval service, Charles Fremantle was the son of Admiral Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle. Captain Watson and his crew were able to save an apprentice from the wreck. She set out again at 7.15 p.m. but found that the Kingsdowne lifeboat had fought her way through and had just taken off the last of the 52 man crew. *Information gained from The Telegraph and RNLI website*. 26 December 1985: In rapidly deteriorating weather, the French trawler Gloire à Marie II went aground in a storm, south of Ramsgate. The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. We would love to keep you posted with our news, so why not sign up. Despite hazardous conditions in the shallows, Coxswain Cannon manoeuvred the lifeboat close to the trawler, and two lifeboat crewmen boarded her. The Lifeboats then made full speed for Ramsgate and landed the three survivors to ambulance at Ramsgate Harbour. With their combined crews of 30 men and with the damaged lifeboat in tow, the Northumberland set sail across the shoals, striking heavily in the broken water. Today should have been the day the world started watching the finest athletes compete for Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Captain and crew remained on board in anticipation of refloating the ship at the next high tide. 2. *Information gained from The Telegraph and RNLI website* For more information please visit the RNLI website or Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Both the Dover lifeboat Southern Africa and the Ramsgate lifeboat Prudential launched, the former diverted to Walmer to pick up a doctor. At midday, Evans launched the reserve lifeboat Edmund and Mary Robinson down the slipway and headed around Moelfre Island into the teeth of the hurricane. He later recommended the Chinese town of Kowloon as a good place for a colony, leading to the occupation of Hong Kong by the British in 1841. In 2013, the first RNLI Gallantry Medals were awarded to members of the Flood Rescue Team – Paul Eastment, Chris Missen and Martin Blaker-Rowe – for their part in rescuing a woman who had been swept from her car after it was forced off the road by powerful flood water. Few people are aware that Lloyd’sawards medals as an honorary acknowledgment to those who have by extraordinary exertions contributed to the saving of life at sea. Lifeboat Press Officer, Cromer Lifeboat Station. Our thanks go to Barry Cox and the RNLI, for allowing us to use these service accounts from the book "Lifeboat Gallantry". On December 5. The combined efforts of all three boats could not detect any survivors, therefore a call was made to 66th Air Rescue Squadron. Disaster medal 'stolen' from RNLI HQ Read more at Port Talbot RNLI volunteer Robert ‘Robbie’ Harris, who has volunteered for over 34 years was awarded the MBE for his dedication and service to saving lives at sea. For more information please visit the RNLI website or Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This enabled a hawser to be dragged aboard the wreck by which means the lifeboat's crew hauled their craft under the wreck's quarter. The other members of the party were picked up by two watchmen who had put out in a boat. Her mizzen mast and sail were torn out of her and a thwart carried away, so she was forced to return to Deal. He is one of the very few tractor drivers and possibly the first - to have received a letter of thanks – for his efforts. Gordon Nichols presented with RNLI Medal. Members of the public may contact the RNLI on 0300 300 9990 (UK) or 1800 991802 (Ireland) or by email. She suffered further damage in a heavy sea at 5 p.m. Photo: Jon Stokes. It was found that, having fired their flares, the three yacht crew had taken shelter in the cabin and were trapped there when the wreckage of the mast fell across the cabin hatchway, making it impossible for them to open the hatch. One lady and a gentleman were clinging to the boat but the other two and the boatman were more or less under water. The RNLI Gold Medal for Gallantry "Let not the deep swallow me up". Coxswain Kirkaldie took off seven of the crew, an operation made much more difficult by leaking diesel oil. Medals awarded to dedicated RNLI crew members. Appointed Second Coxswain in 1866 and Coxswain in 1870 his previous gold medal was awarded for the Indian Chief service in 1881 and, in the subsequent period, major services included those to the ships Attila and Ganges (1881), the barque Egmont (1882).


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