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15 French Wardrobe Essentials for Your Closet, 25 Effortlessly Chic French Style Influencers to Follow on Instagram, The French Beauty Basics You Need to Know. Discover tons of free french language exercises, fun facts and content written specifically to help you learn french in a casual way. Anti-reflets, comme t’as demandé ! She is known for her eclectic style and short blonde hair. Most influencers are linked to Youtube, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, reality TV… But you can find French influencers talking about your favorite subjects too. McFly, whose real name is David Coscas, has a few more followers on Instagram. In 2008, she participated in the second season of Secret Story, but was eliminated after only two weeks. PS : Je suis actuellement à Athènes, je vous explique pourquoi dans ma story et je vous prépare un vlog ! The reason for that is because we’re more fascinated with a new kind of French influencer: the casual-chic, effortless look. They make hair, makeup and putting an outfit together seem effortless, which is why French influencers are … Your email address will not be published. We believe style should give us confidence and help us present the best version of ourselves. Sabina Socol (@sabinasocol) is a journalist who used to manage social media for a French magazine. Emelie Thomsen (@thomsenemelie) is a Scandinavian model who co-founded the beauty brand Thomsen Beauty with her sister. He also wrote the script of a comic book, Roger et ses humains. The 15 French influencers you need to be following. Since then, she has become a regular amongst the show. Une publication partagée par Manon Tanti (@manonmarsault) le 24 Mai 2019 à 12 :12 PDT. They got their own show, called Le Fat Show, during three seasons, before being part of the Golden Moustache collective in 2014. Une publication partagée par @ xsqueezie le 31 Mai 2019 à 12 :06 PDT. Since her height didn’t allow her to become a model, Caroline Receveur took another road to fame : reality TV. Eleonore Leojeanne (@eleonore.leojeanne) is a model turned influencer known for her voluminous brown curly hair. Exclusive Member of Mediavine. Michaela Thomsen (@thomsenmichaela) is a Scandinavian model who grew up in Nice and poses for cult brands like Rouje and Reformation. D’ailleurs, vous avez vu le dernier ? Lena Simonne (@lena.simonne) is a French model who shares her work for some of the coolest fashion brands, and her lifestyle with her French friends. I miei riferimenti di stile (per anta girls e non solo) - Con cosa lo metto? Who are your favorite French style influencers? In a world of 100 layer makeup tutorials and Kylie Jenner lip kit pandemonium, there’s something refreshingly paired-back about French girl style. Thanks for the beautiful cut and, Part blazer, part dress. But don’t worry, he’s still active on social media, especially on Instagram. Did you know that his real name is Raphaël Guy Stéphane Carlier? You might know her as Enjoyhoenix, one of the most famous beauty bloggers from France. He’s the other part of the duo known as McFly & Carlito! Yes, you already know this last name, since we’ve used it in this article. In Paris, a new Instagram trend has emerged and can be summed up as street style with no filter. Your email address will not be published. Moi au premier shooting : Une publication partagée par Kevin Tran (@rirejaune) le 25 Mars 2019 à 12 :52 PDT. Manon Tanti is Julien Tanti’s wife, the same one that also became famous while doing reality TV. MY NEW COLLECTION IS OUT @reccparis, Une publication partagée par Caroline Receveur (@carolinereceveur) le 24 Mai 2019 à 10 :54 PDT. Follow them both on Instagram to see their trips abroad (Kevin just went to Seoul) and their side projects. French Bien is a free french course online available 24/7! Jeanne Damas | @jeannedamas. Monica is a dear friend of Camille Charrière, but has found her own following in posting effortless street style looks in Paris. We also regularly feature our favorite looks from these accounts on our own Instagram account. With over 1 million followers, she is well-known for her full-lipped pout and sixties-style bangs. The queen of French street style in Spain is undoubtedly Lucia Cuesta, a jewelry designer from Madrid. Louise is regular about sharing her casual chic Parisian looks. He has been on and off with Manon Marsault, but the two reality TV personalities got married in May 2019. The first video (made by Kevin) was released in November 2012. As a close friend of Jeanne Damas, Lamia has been able to make a name for herself as a creative director in the fashion world. The half French, half Greek blonde-haired beauty Louise Govilas runs an account to rely on when it comes to French style inspiration. She regularly shares her vintage-inspired outfits with a large audience! The Bayonne-native completed her studies in Bordeaux before moving to Paris, all the while gaining a strong following for her casual chic looks with a 70s vibe. Norman Thavaud is a French videographer, Youtuber and screenwriter known for his funny videos online. Une publication partagée par Calvo (@rafcarlito) le 9 Juin 2019 à 12 :26 PDT. In the United States, Instagram influencers tend to shoot posed shots with professional cameras and then heavily edit them in Photoshop. But for some time now, she has changed her editorial line to speak more about self-care, travel and environmental issues. True Youtube phenomena amongst young people, McFly and Carlito are a duo of Youtubers who reunites thousands of people on their videos, every Sundays. With a love for vintage clothing and supporting local designers, the 23 year old Parisian-native has an enviable style. She has her own fashion brand and beauty salon in Marseille. Camille Yolaine (@ camilleyolaine ) is a freelance copywriter who shares her love of fashion and French culture with her audience. On her Instagram, you can see selfies, pictures from photo shoots and product placements, as well as her baby. French Girl Daily is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Lamia Lagha (@lamialand) is a creative director who moved to Paris about 10 years ago and quickly found her place in the fashion world. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Around half of her posts are lifestyle shots, and you can get some great tips on where to eat and shop in Paris by following her account. She wears lots of Re/Done jeans, oversized sweaters, Realisation Par dresses and handbags by Tila March. As a relative newcomer to the Instagram style influencer world, Pia has rapidly gained a passionate following. Do you spend time scrolling endlessly on your Instagram feed? She definitely has the most daring style of the influencers listed here! Thi, Hair goals The French Inspired Stay at Home Mom Uniform - Girl Seeks Joy. 7. From sneakers to oversized sweatshirts, Alizée is all about the athletic look. Another newcomer is Bordeaux-based Léa-Elisabeth who publishes under the username @syderale_. Mon opticien : Et voici tes nouvelles lunettes chef ! Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. , Une publication partagée par Marie Lopez (@enjoyphoenix) le 27 Mai 2019 à 8 :57 PDT. Formerly known as Monica Ainley, Monica is a Canadian expat who couldn’t resist the charm of Parisian style – and stayed in Paris after her studies were finished. She wrote a book and created a makeup line, Nab Cosmetics. Here, you will find interviews with inspiring French women, discover international brands that French women love, and see what real French girls are wearing today. Their shots are often completely candid, and while they probably do pay attention to the lighting, most everything about their posts is totally natural. quelle est la plus belle lumière que vous avez eu la chance de voir ? She is frequently compared to Brigitte Bardot for her curvy frame and blonde locks. Growing up in Paris, she became known for sharing film photos of her friends and today runs her own fashion line Rouje. Bonjour and welcome to French Girl Daily, a digital destination for women who love French style, beauty, and culture. la lumière en Espagne est vraiment incroyable (j’ai l’impression que je dis ça partout où je vais mais c’est vrai ) . Léa-Elisabeth’s quintessentially French outfits are complimented by her mid-century modern apartment, which provides a great backdrop for her thoughtfully curated feed. Lucie Rose Mahé (@lucie.rose.mahe) is a stylist and owner of Gavroche Vintage, a vintage shop she curates herself. Here are some of the most followed French Instagram influencers, like Youtubers, beauty bloggers and reality TV personalities. Keep reading to discover our favorite tips for dressing like a chic French girl. After her reality tv period, she launched Wandertea, a brand of detox products with tea and natural plants and created a blog where she talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travels. We hope our platform will inspire you to build a casual-chic wardrobe that takes you through life’s many moments. She also created the makeup line Le Regard and the boutique restaurant Chez Jeanne. Which other influencers deserve to be in this ranking? Squeezie, Youtuber (6,1m) April 30, 2019. in Fashion News. She welcomed her baby boy on October 11th 2019. The list includes everyone from models to actresses to photographers, artists and fashion designers. Like many beauty Youtuber, she launched her own make-up brand, Sananas Beauty. Sabina Socol started out in the publishing world, as the social editor of L’Officiel.


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