bernard williams consequentialism and integrity citation

The theory is then modified so as to make room for individuals to pursue the projects they value most deeply, and perhaps their trivial interests as well—i.e., so as to respect individual integrity.
Bernard Williams, "Utilitarianism and Integrity". In fact he specifically says he is not appealing to ‘integrity’ at all.

increasing specialism, it remains committed to publishing high quality My preferred explanation is similar to one given by Shiffrin in ‘Moral Autonomy and Agent-Centered Options’. Against Maximizing Act-Consequentialism (June 30, 2008).

Read your article online and download the PDF from your email or your account. For one solution that might help justify this puzzling aspect of ordinary morality, see Hershenov's ‘A Puzzle about the Demands of Ordinary Morality’, Philosophical Studies 102 (2002). The contributors include John Rawls, Bernard Williams, Thomas Nagel, Derek Parfit, among others.

Oxford University Press. 16 I have Paul Hurley to thank for this point. Bernard Williams - 1988 - In Samuel Scheffler (ed.

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When one may blamelessly and rationally choose between two different life-paths, one has made use of one's capacity for choice and determined a future that was not independently required by the principles of rationality or morality. 17–18. This aspect of so-called ‘ordinary morality’ has turned out to be very difficult to justify. The answer to the objection is, that there has been ample time, namely, the whole past duration of the human species. However, it should be noted that the qualifier ‘non-harmful’ must be taken in a normative sense, because under certain neutral understandings of ‘harm’, many permissible courses of action are harmful.
One explanation is the Integrity Explanation: we are not required to maximize the good because morality must make room for us to pursue our projects and interests. It has been criticized, however, on the grounds that it fails to capture the most crucial features of moral thinking and cannot, when worked out in detail, provide an adequate account of morality. 15 A related problem is discussed in Samuel Scheffler's The Rejection of Consequentialism, pp. Consequentialism is enticing but also seems overly demanding. Login via your Recently, though, various authors, including Bernard Williams and Samuel Scheffler, have proposed “Integrity Theories” that would vindicate this aspect of ordinary morality, at least in part. 1 and p. 240. In an age of

we are in these controversial circumstances we may not incessantly do the right thing because we simply don’t know what the right thing to do is. Abstract views reflect the number of visits to the article landing page. Williams uses two examples to try and show that there is a serious problem with utilitarianism here: the doctrine deprives agents of their integrity . Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this journal to your organisation's collection. How we deal with certain issues defines whether we acquire happiness or not. Kagan's The Limits of Morality, pp. 372ff.


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