beef front quarter vs hindquarter
Spring Cleaning with BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac, the Best Handheld Vacuum + A GIVEAWAY. The hind quarter Why not order one of our Forschner Boning Knives! we really need to find a place to buy beef like this with 11 eople in the house to cook for. When he asks me how I want to get it back I have no idea, so thank you for this. It is obtained by two (2) main straight cuts approximately parallel to each other. Truly, we're practically twins! Feel free to visit my, Nesco FD-28JX Jerky Xpress Dehydrator Kit with Jerky Gun-Review, Making Bacon At Home Easy With These Simple Steps, Butchery Machinery For The Home Meat Connoisseur, Sausages, Jerky, Bacon And Other Meat Kits For Home, Butchers Cutting Boards And Chopping Blocks, Knife And Cutting Tools Gift Ideas-A Butchers Choice, Butchering Accessories For The Home Butcher, Best Knife Sharpening Tools…The Ones I Have. Our quarter beef included — 5 packages of rouladen/carne asada, 49 packages/pounds of ground beef, 2 packages of soup bones, 3 top sirloin steaks (2 steaks in each package), 2 packages of short ribs, 1 sirloin top roast, 2 packages of T-bone steaks (2 steaks in each package), 3 pot roasts, 1 rib roast, 1 rump roast, 1 package of tenderloins and 1 package of flank steaks. My wife and I have done this for years, though we usually get a half beef. I’m seeing this post in 2020. We prefer 3/4 inch. Plate Cuts. You would be amazed the amount of different products that can be made from a single whole primal cut. You can see my other article with video demonstration by clicking on the links below as well: Michael makes it look so easy and when you have the experience it certainly is. We have 2 growing boys to feed at my house! My husband is finally on board with buying our meat locally. Anyways, I wish we liked fish for all the benefits, but we just don't :/ I mean, we eat fish and chips, but tend to get that at restaurants when we're near the ocean :). It’s like Girl Scouts, but for moms! It’s a family that I grew up with that moved to Alaska years ago to teach. I’m so excited, yet intimated because I’m not sure about the process abd what/how to do everything. I invite you to visit my website and check out my books and archived newsletter issues. That helps a ton and I get the loaded questions. This diagram shows the cross-section of an outside round. I was trying to figure out what to tell the butcher (we have a GREAT deal on beef through a family member). If you are interested, let me know and I can pass on their info. There is a big difference in taste too – I didn't really mention that. I have had the freezer for two months now and hadn’t yet figured out what to put in it. When you order from our farm, cuts of beef are labeled with the most common name for the cut. This is what it looks like once delivered. The first cut passes at a point slightly in front of (anterior to) the shoulder joint and the anterior tip of the blade bone (scapula) thereby separating the neck and shoulder from the blade and cross rib. Again I have selected master butcher Michael Cross with his 3 part videos of breaking down a beef hindquarter, and again you will see how easy he makes it look cutting through the seams and muscles of the hindquarter and turning it into sub-primal cuts ready for the next portioning stage of the butchering process. It’s a bit pricier than what you pay as ours averages about $5/lb but we emphasize steak and roast cuts and minimize ground beef as we can often get ground chuck for $1.79/lb at a local store (that does business with the same rancher). This is a great starting point! It may exclude the eye of round (semitendinosus). If A New Comment Is Posted:Do Not Send Email Notifications.Send Email Notification ONLY If Someone Replies To My Comment(s).Send Email Notification Whenever A New Comment Is Posted. I was given one from my boss who happens to run a family ranch on the side. A true master butcher. This diagram shows the cross-section of a loin. ), We do just as much chicken as beef – I get that through Zaycon. I’ll have to give that a try with the rounds! Michael will also name the cuts and these names are the terms we use in Australia. Copyright © 2020 That Mama Gretchen. During the school year though we have 1-2 international students living with us and often my mom and sister stop by for dinner. 5.2 Loin (long loin): means that portion of the hind quarter which is separated from the flank as described in item 5.1, from the sirloin tip (see 5.3.5) and from the hip by a cut which passes in front of (anterior to) the rump knuckle bone (head of the femur/acetabulum) thereby cutting the pelvic bone (os coxae) into approximately two equal parts. 4.5 Full brisket (full plate): refers to the portion containing both the brisket and plate. It’s at the processor as I type. that explains where each cut comes from and what they end up looking like once a master butcher breaks and portions each  sub-primal into its retail or food service size. Thank you. They’re grass fed until the final few weeks before butchering, then they get a  bit of grain in their diet because it marbles their meat. We order our 1/2 beef each year from a neighboring ranch. Based on your order above what is your meat cost and what is your butcher cost? And the hams that were gifted to us at Christmas time. They sent us a cutting sheet to fill out, but I have no idea how to put numbers when we’ve never done this… How could I take your info and put it into numbers for the sheet? Order one today for only $24.99 - shipping included in this price! Roughly, how long does it take you to eat all of your 1/4 beef? These will then be sliced into portions of steaks, diced and other value added products. They don’t have a website or anything, since they aren’t a business, but they have an order form you can fill out. Truthfully, I cook mostly #1 chicken, #2 fish (salmon), #3 pork. We’ve purchased a quarter of a cow the last 3 years, because 1) We like beef 2) I like knowing where my meat comes from and 3) We call these happy, healthy cows – the kind that graze and are treated humanely. Inside round: means that boneless portion of the round located inside (medial side) of the leg, which is separated from the outside round by cutting lengthwise along the natural seam. How many are in the family? Our 1/4 beef takes up about 1/3 of it I’d say. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The hindquarter carries most of what we butchers call, the. Michael will explain that there are many different techniques of performing the breakdown but what he shows is a common method. :), Your email address will not be published. Strip loin, bone-in (shell loin): means that portion of the short loin from which the tenderloin has been removed. Oh goodness … I’m trying to remember. The farm our cow comes from is just a family farm that raises 2-3 cows each year. I am interested in the information for bulk wild caught salmon! This diagram shows the meat cuts from a piece of beef. Eye of sirloin tip: means the triangular-shaped muscle (vastus lateralis) located outside (lateral side) of the sirloin tip. So depending on the night we've got 2-6 adults eating. It may contain the closely adjacent muscle, spinalis dorsi. The first cut passes between the fifth and sixth rib and separates the chuck, brisket and shank from the rib and plate. The hind consists of ground beef, top round, bottom round, t-bones, top sirloins, tender loins, flank steaks, sirloin tip, rump roast. Each country uses many different names for their domestic industry sub-primal cuts and you can visit my, I hope you have enjoyed the videos and be sure to watch other demonstration from the links above. I just stumbled across your post (super handy!) It contains three (3) main muscles, namely: vastus lateralis, biceps femoris and semitendinosus. Thank you for sharing specific information. Tenderloin: means the cylindrically shaped main muscle (psoas major and minor) located on the inside (ventral side) of the loin. Top gourmet butchers turn out delicious tasty ready meals for their customers to enjoy. We eat beef 1-2x a week and this lasts us about a year. We sprinkle each slice with garlic powder, fresh-grated parmesan or romano cheese and parsley flakes then roll them up (starting with the widest end and rolling toward the narrowest) sear them closed in a frying pan then dump them in our homemade tomato sauce to finish. This is really a helpful post. 1200lb cow has a hanging weight of 700lbs and a take home weight of 400lbs approx. Underneath the ribs is the beef’s plate section. You can see more on details on my Beef Cuts Chart page that explains where each cut comes from and what they end up looking like once a master butcher breaks and portions each  sub-primal into its retail or food service size. 4.2.1 Rib eye: means that boneless portion of the rib containing the large round-shaped muscle (longissimus dorsi) located at the vertebral end of the ribs. I’m working on a slow cooker French dip recipe to share from a roast cut soon :), Thank you so much! Yes, I wrote this on such a whim years ago and it is one of my top posts! (Not really, I’ve had to work on him a lot). Instead, we ask for the larger, chunky short ribs and we braise them in the oven. The chuck consists of the following cuts: Alternative chuck cuts consist of the following: stifle joint (tibio-femoral articulation). I make beef stew a couple times and then there's the occasional good steak on sale. 5.3.4 Shank (hind shank): means that portion of the hip which is separated from the heel of round by a straight cut passing through the stifle joint (tibio-femoral articulation). The hindquarter carries most of what we butchers call, the Premium Cuts. This is usually one big roast, but we ask that it be cut into two because we all like the salty outer crust from the Prime Rib recipe and having two roasts gives us more outside pieces. We have a full freezer in our garage … like the size of a standard fridge/freezer but it’s all freezer. Note: While not required, these modifiers may be used to describe beef cuts provided they are informative and not misleading.


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