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The physical award is a cast bust of Hatton’s exceptional features. Just played: Lover's Cove - Rondo Hatton - Rondo Hatton(self-released). Not a bad scene to be had. He later brings the brooch to Helen, who he realizes for the first time is blind. Happy birthdays Bettie Page & Rondo Hatton. Reluctantly, she agrees to help them capture him. Taurus. In both instances, the protagonist is first drawn to their blind companions by music. Rondo expected little from the role as he had practically played the part many times before. [28] Although primarily a horror thriller film, Gertsman uses several film noir elements in his photography, including shadowed lighting, unbalanced compositions, and chiaroscuro contrasts between light and dark. The awards were named after the actor, and award recipients received statuettes with miniature busts of Hatton as he appeared portraying the Creeper in House of Horrors and The Brute Man. Rondo Hatton was the unlikeliest movie star of the 1940s: a bit player who came to the edge of horror film stardom due to his acromegaly-shaped face, only to die before his starring features were released. So murky and dark, it makes M look like Mrs. April 22nd. [23] As a result, The Brute Man features a bleak, at times dismal visual atmosphere. [12] In the film, the character is disfigured by chemicals during a laboratory accident in school. In 1945, Universal merged with the company International Pictures, and the new organization adopted a policy against developing any more B movies, including Westerns, horror films, serials and movies running 70 minutes or less. Jane Adams also starred as a blind pianist for whom the Creeper tries to raise money for an operation to restore her vision. Eventually Rondo was diagnosed with a fairly rare pituitary disorder known as acromegaly. Our mag took home the Best Magazine award at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards last night (for the 6th year running). This resulted in the firing of numerous production personnel members and the sale of several already-developed films, including The Brute Man. The two officers then get a call about the missing delivery boy and head to the dock to investigate. Very touching and honoring segment on Rondo Hatton. Before there was Marty in SLAUGHTER HIGH, there was a back-breaking Rondo Hatton. Tammy Hembrow. "he's dead but my buddy has a gorilla suit he stole from RKO." He then goes to the Scott residence and demands money from Clifford and Virginia, whom he blames for his disfigurement. American, Actor (Famous from excellent villan actor). Movie Actor. Born in 1894 #46. He brings them to Helen, who is concerned about Hal's injuries, but he flees before she can learn he is shot. Rondo Hatton's story always makes me really really sad. Welcome to the club old pal. Rondo Hatton in 'Brute man'. If you have an autograph from Rondo Hatton, know that it is extremely valuable among collectors. Some pressbook advertisements circulated for the film still included the Universal Pictures logo. More April 22 Birthdays. Directed by Jean Yarbrough, the film features Tom Neal and Jan Wiley as a married pair of friends the Creeper blames for his deformities. TODAY'S BIRFDAYS: Rondo Hatton (1894-1946), Bettie Page (1923-2008), Jack Nicholson b 1937, John Waters b 1946, Marilyn Chambers (1952-2009). [33], Decades after the film's release, contemporary reviews of The Brute Man were similarly negative, with many commentators criticizing the exploitation of Hatton's real-life acromegaly. "[43], Michael J. Nelson, the show's head writer who also plays the character of the same name, said the staff initially felt strange making jokes at the expense of Rondo Hatton and his real-life illness; however, Nelson said, "Then you realize it's the whole point of the movie: he's a guy with a big ugly face...And he is a terribly bad actor. Sneaking up from behind, Hal is about to strangle her when the police seize and arrest him. Raymond Kessler and Ralph Slosser worked as dialogue director and assistant director, respectively, while John B. Goodman and Abraham Grossman worked as art directors. [12] Jane Adams was cast as the blind pianist Helen Paige. In fact, Universal released at least one B-western following the merger, and still had numerous other titles in active circulation from the preceding few years, at the time of the merger. Rondo Hatton suffered from it. [13], Universal Horrors: The Studio'sClassic Films, 1931-1946[12], The Brute Man received generally negative critical reviews following its release on October 1, 1946. Ken Olandt, Robin Bartlett, Lee Tamahori, Bettie Page, Steven Price, Aaron Spelling, Rondo Hatton. During the experience Rondo’s was amazed to be praised for his unique physical features and was flattered by the attention. Rondo Hatton Net Worth is $1.4 Million Mini Biography. Tonight's films: George Best, Rondo Hatton, Patrick Swayze & Anne Hathaway. [30] He died as a result of his acromegaly on February 2, 1946, about eight months before The Brute Man was first screened, making it his final film. "[42] Paul Chaplin, another writer with the series, said of the actor's acromegaly: "That fact opens up a large, irresolvable issue concerning the movie industry's use of this poor afflicted fellow; he was paid, after all, and movie work is nice work. Other crew included Russell A. Gausman and Edward R. Robinson as set decorators, Joe Lapis as sound technician, Jack Pierce as make-up director, Carmen Dirigo as hair stylist, and Vera West as gowns supervisor. The Brute Man received generally negative reviews, drawing particular criticism for Hatton's poor performance. James Garner. The family members relocated to Tampa, Florida, in 1912, when he was a high-school older, and his dad became a member of a family-owned business there. On this episode of “The Online Movie Show,” Hatton’s biographer Scott Gallinghouse offers insight on Hatton’s strange and compelling life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Machine Gun Kelly . Lindsey. My first girlfriend looked like a movie star. Adams called him a friendly and thoughtful man, but called him "so pathetic to work with [and] almost autistic". he is in it though & he has an interesting history. [16] Commentators have noted similarities between The Brute Man and other films, including the Charlie Chaplin silent comedy City Lights (1931),[2][17] and the Universal Pictures horror film Bride of Frankenstein (1935). [2][7][16] The sale was also perpetuated in part by the death of star Rondo Hatton. [29] Salter's score for the film strongly resembled the music he composed for the Universal horror films Black Friday (1940) and The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944). In fact his popularity reached its greatest heights during the 1960s and 1970s when a booming interest in Universal’s classic horror movie monsters led numerous film buffs to Hatton’s body of work. Rondo Hatton Fans Also Viewed . Movie Actor. For most of the 1930’s, Rondo played the part of background goon in several films. According to legend, as the result of its pending merger with International Pictures, Universal Pictures adopted a policy against releasing any more B movies, so sold The Brute Man for $125,000 to poverty row's Producers Releasing Corporation, which distributed the film without any mention of Universal's involvement in publicity or credits. [8] In establishing a backstory explaining the Creeper's motives, The Brute Man's script seeks to humanize the character and elicit more sympathy for him than the Creeper's other films, in which he is generally portrayed as a two-dimensional murderer. Their roles serve as comic relief for the film. Rondo Hatton died on February 2, 1946 nearly eight months before the theatre release of his final film due to heart issues brought on by his acromegaly. Yet it can seem exploitative of misfortune. [2][12] City Lights, like The Brute Man, included a protagonist (Chaplin's Tramp character) who falls in love with a blind girl and seeks money for an operation to restore her eyesight. Rick Baker, the special make-up effects artist that worked on the film, designed the character's facial make-up to resemble Hatton's Creeper character,[9][41] and Lothar dresses in a dark coat and hat similar to his clothing from The Brute Man. [12], Maury Gertsman was the director of photography on The Brute Man. [2][32] PRC had previously produced a horror film about acromegaly called The Monster Maker (1944), in which a mad scientist injects human subjects with the disease as part of his experiments. [6][12][30] Film reviewer Leonard Maltin gave the film one-and-a-half out of four stars. [9][10][11] Before becoming disfigured by an accident, the Creeper was a handsome young college football hero. Interestingly enough, Rondo’s death did little to curb his fame. [7][16] The flashback scenes—which depict how Hal Moffet became disfigured and ultimately became the Creeper—were all shot on the final day of filming. Rondo Hatton’s famous face lives on in all manner of cinematic, comic book and pop culture tributes. [9] John Stanley, host of the KTVU television show Creature Features, described it as a dull and "shoddy thriller", criticizing both the performances and the mood from the direction and photography. In his final film, The Brute Man, Rondo was cast as the star. "Meet..The Creeper!" How Popular Rondo Hatton is * 125 is AGE #871 * 1894 is the Birth Year #464 * 4 is the Birth Month #106 * 22 is the BirthDay #862 * Hagerstown is the birth Place #149. [12][23] While those films were great critical and financial successes, The Brute Man was filmed during what was widely considered the low point of the studio's horror film period. [16], The Brute Man was developed by Universal Pictures Company, Inc. in the later years of their successful production of horror films, including Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931) and The Mummy (1932). Rondo delivered 19 points (8-11 FG, 3-4 3Pt), four rebounds, four assists and a steal in 30 minutes off the bench during Sunday's 106-93 win over the Heat in Game 6 … Way to go, team! Shortly after the war, Rondo’s handsome features began to change., 3 Mysterious Magic Tricks From Circus History, PT Barnum | Understanding his (In)Famous Real Life | Greatest Showman.


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