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In the meanwhile we got his uv, but he still refuses to eat. He is not eating . Impaction, also referred to as constipation, is a health condition that involves a “buildup of digestive system. He is 5 grams is not growing or shedding and has proper heat n light he seems to struggle with finding his food and has runny eyes. My Beardie is 8 years old and I adopted her from my school’s science lab. Brittle bones, not able to eat, no energy, shaking, seizures, etc is what happens to them without UVb. Brittle bones, not able to eat, no energy, shaking, seizures, etc is what happens to them without proper UVB; it’s called MBD which is metabolic bone disease. When I put him in water he seems to move and drinks water. The heat is what they need to digest their food & UVB to absorb Vitamin D and breakdown the calcium to be health, strong bones and have energy. He is totally pale and becomes black instantly under his beard. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'familypetplanet_com-leader-3','ezslot_16',116,'0','0'])); Add a couple of drops of olive oil to For an adult; his temp should be 95-100; keep it at 97-98 and u should be good. This article helped my 6yr old beardie “do the deed!” Drew a nice warm bath and massages his belly and within 10 minutes we had a much happier bearded dragon! preventing it from occurring with your own pet. pureed pumpkin or prunes, or with a particular lactulose solution Our website is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States. A Beardie needs UVB & Heat both need to remain on for 12-14 Hours per day In the summer & 10-12 Hours on per day in the winter; basically try to keep the same Times for turning it on In the mornign & turning it off in the evening. And although impaction can lead to death, there are so many treatment options and home remedies worth looking into to get your little guy or girl back on track and feeling great in no time. Your basking bulb will gradually lose power, and therefore heat, over time, so also make sure that it is changed as soon as it shows signs of wearing out. But not all bearded dragons will brumate in captivity. It may happen quicker than this, but 30 minutes is a good amount of time to allot. live insect) can be difficult to digest and lead to impaction. Sugar is not good for them. Whereas we might pop a Tums or eat a banana, a bearded dragon suffering from impaction doesn’t have such an easy and quick … GL this will work if u follow the details. In fact, in this article alone we will be discussing 17 bearded dragon diseases, health concerns, and illnesses that all owners should be aware of!. Lack of calcium in the diet, not gut-loading live feed and absence of UVB tube light in a tank will cause Metabolic bone disease.. Any broken bones can be as a result of soft bones when suffering from a deficiency. when we, as humans, develop the condition, it can be quite severe for But for now he is in desperate need of UVB to revive him and calcium powder. Making sure to keep a close watch on your dragon, be prepared to wait for up to 30 minutes or so for your dragon to do the deed. In more severe cases of dehydration, As a result, your lizard can Make sure that you do not turn your If you have just brought your bearded dragon home and it’s not eating or basking for few days, it’s fine. We are having the same issues as Ms. Mertz and Stephanie. In bearded dragons, this can occur after a particular substance they consume (either food or other solid or semi-solid mass) is unable to be digested; over time, the material causes a buildup within the lizard’s digestive system, blocking food from getting through the stomach and intestines. Make sure not to use loose substrate in the tank, as impaction is a big problem. Always consult a veterinarian or medical professional for help regarding your pets or family. I love all of my pets and their care is paramount to me. For babies, keep the basking spot between 105 and 110. Mild cases of impaction will simply In bearded dragons, this can occur diet with the vet. GL this will work if u follow the details. can give you clues into their overall well-being. any blockage that is causing impaction. The only and best UVB is the Reptisun 10.0 T5 from Amazon & order the length to cover 70 percent of his tank!!! drag more often as they move around. Hi we rescue & rehome and see this all the time. 2-3 of each mixed and cut up to his size and give him a fresh plate In the mornign amd fresh one isn’t he afternoon. Sooner you find out your bearded dragon is sick (and the actual sickness), the sooner you will be able to help your dragon get better. a lubricated catheter or feeding syringe into your pet’s cloacal Bearded dragons are hardy and it can take a long time for them to start showing any symptoms. upright in a comfortable position. If u have never been giving calcium powder then do it 6 times a week for a few months and u need the UVB to help him breakdown the calcium in his body & to absorb Vitamin D, without this he gets brittle bones, won’t eat and won’t really move, shakes, etc it’s called MBDisease and eventually leads to death. Place the insects in a big ziploc bag and sprinkle some and shake it. appetite and refuses to eat, try dabbing a little bit of the puree on While adult bearded dragons can survive stress and lack of food for longer periods, babies are not as strong. Give him Dandelions, mustard, collard greens, endives, yellow squash, butternut squash, snap peas & green beans only. hydrated again. Use smooth shelf liner beige color Not black from target or wallmart & u can place one white terry cloth towel on the cold side and they will poop on it; or use paper towels or white terry cloth towels as the substrate. This is often best done while your For one, their cloaca, or the vent The most common cause of impaction in GL this will work if u follow the details. In this post, you will only find symptoms and associated diseases. Try and keep the times of feeding the same everyday they like a schedule and expect it. (Source: Bearded The brand u Buy is REPCAL and dust them lightly like a powdered donut not as much but so they are covered lightly in the powder. Or sprinkled on their veggies. Brittle bones, not able to eat, no energy, shaking, seizures sometimes, etc is what happens to them without UVb. Symptoms of constipation for bearded When it comes to the former, a good rule of thumb is to never give your bearded dragon a feeder that is wider than the space between your dragon’s eyes. However, unlike us… impaction for a bearded dragon is a much more serious issue than simple constipation or bloating that almost always subsides shortly. Also, for heat the ZooMed basking clear bulb only. His leg were paralyzed and moving backwards. If despite your best efforts you dragon still isn’t going to the bathroom, then you may need to just take him or her to the vet. Once he understands what’s happening, he’ll lick it off and then I’ll usually just put a few drops in whenever he opens his mouth. If the Beardie is not pooping almost daily; he’s Impacted & needs a vet ASAP. Your bearded dragon can break a bone if it falls from a structure or gets crushed. intentionally seek the harmful material out as a food source if they The last week she has been barely basking {only when we actually put her on her basking spot}, burying herself under the reptile carpet {she has never done this before}, sleeping on and off the whole day and not moving around much at all. We rescue and rehome; follow the above and he will be healthy again also remove any sand sibstarte and replace with beige smooth shelf liner from target or wallmart or paper towels or white terry cloth towels as the sibstarte or newspaper. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Bearded dragons are very intuitive, even with smaller changes. U think an hour or 2in the sun is Enuff? Very similar issue with our beardie today. Ackie Monitor Care Sheet: Habitat, Diet, and Care Advice for Owners, Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink Care, Habitat, & Diet Guide for Pet Owners. Reptile.Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Also remove any sand substrate. NO carrots, spinach, kale or lettuce. He is at the vet at the moment, but only with heat and no lights. NO carrots, spinach, kale or lettuce. Loose particle substrates, such as Calci-Sand, play sand, and pellets have all been associated with, If your dragon’s tank doesn’t have the right temperatures, they will likely have a very difficult time digesting their food. Order on amazon the Best & Only recommended UVB: The Reptisun 10.0 T5 the length u order should cover 70prcnt of the tank and place alongside the back beginning at the hot side so if he wants away from the uVb the cold side is without or he can goninder his hide. He will need lots of greens ( Dandelions, mustard, collard greens, endives, snap peas, yellow squash & butternut squash) & healthy proteins; never ever do meal worms if he’s an adult 1.5 yrs old at least; u can also do super worms good protein but high in fat.


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