bagram 747 crash cockpit voice recorder
Shifting cargo, or cargo not loaded within proper c of g limits is potentially lethal. National Air Cargo ground crew told the NTSB investigators that the Dubai offices conducted classes on how to palletize a Stryker, a military vehicle which weighed about 12-13 tons. The take-off roll appeared normal and the aircraft rotated around the Charlie intersection of the runway. The airplane refueled to 48,000 kilograms of fuel. For 12 ton military vehicles, seat rails are most certainly not suitable. Other countries may have different rules. It doesn't mandate that investigators have to broadcast the final words of people to the public. More importantly, it was the first time that National Air Cargo had ever attempted to load an 18-ton Cougar on a National Airlines B747-400. National Air Cargo staff did not have a copy of the National Airlines Cargo Operations Manual in Camp Bastion, and did not have a computer to view any manuals online. According to the NTSB, there was sufficient evidence to find that once the aircraft had rotated, and once the vehicles broke loose, the aircraft was rendered uncontrollable. I have never seen pure nylon straps. Cargo loading equipment and continuous analysis surveillance are considered “high criticality items” which means that these operations must be surveyed by the FAA every six months. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. So landing gear operations cause a shift in c of g. I’m gettin off this plane, I’m scared. Once the vehicles started moving, the resulting jerk would have been enough to cause the tie-downs to snap, perhaps one by one. Still more precautions and safety measures should have been taken to avoid such incidents. The NTSB has now opened a docket on the crash, releasing factual information which forms the basis of the investigation. Where can I listen to the audio recorded from the cockpit and not from the air traffic control? He could not remember if the load was going into Afghanistan, and told NTSB Staff he was not allowed to go to Afghanistan because the State Department would not issue them visas to travel to Afghanistan, and they could only observe the aircraft in Dubai. The original flight schedule was for the Boeing 747 to fly from Chateauroux, France to Camp Bastion, Afghanistan and then continue to the Dubai World Center at Al Aktoum, UAE airport. They were new to the F27 which was larger than their previous types (I forgot what types. NTSB Open Docket of Bagram Cargo Crash Documents. He said the pallet could handle the weight of an 18 ton Cougar. This is the dashcam video of the aircraft’s take off. Yeah they just moved a couple inches… cause you know, it’s nylon ya know, so. You can't listen to it, but you can read the transcripts. Never mind how many straps are used, the rails simply are not going to be strong enough. These aircraft also had an autopilot, especially designed for the AF F27’s. (1 answer) Closed last year. If the straps are not properly tightened to the same tension, perhaps the load is actually only held by let’s say 2 straps. This operation in the main was restricted to operations into airports with more than adequate runways and the standard flap setting for landing was 16. rev 2020.11.3.37938, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Aviation Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. How do I stop the identify results popup window in QGIS 3. The primary problem identified was that National Airlines were having problems training and hiring loadmasters. Active 1 year, 8 months ago. I saw that, I was like [expletive], I never heard of such a thing. Turned out that National Airlines had combined the Boeing and Telair guidance into the manual to allow for “one stop shopping rather than having to reference separate manuals.”. Neither the accident Captain nor his First Officer had prior experience carrying mine resistant armoured vehicles. The dispatcher instead planned for the flight to fly to Bagram, refuel, and continue from there to Dubai. Beech King Air maybe). Please note that it shows the actual impact and may be disturbing. They just did it, not by manual, but by working as a team. Why could increases in cockpit voice and image recording potentially raise privacy concerns? When does a topos satisfy the axiom of regularity? Does this questions apply to destinations visited via Cruise Ships? I have searched for the audio recorded on the CVR from the US Airways Flight 1549, but all clips and audios I found seems to be audio recorded from the flight control and not from microphones inside the cockpit. Cockpit voice recorder transcript of the October 31, 2000 crash of a Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-412 (Flight 006) at Taipei, Taiwan. What does the “test result indicator” indicate on a cockpit voice recorder? Any kink or damage, even if looking superficial, would be a weak spot making the integrity of the strap dubious. Here’s the transcript of that conversation. The load manifest shows that the plane was loaded by National Air Cargo. The undercarriage of the F27 moves rearwards when retracted and is heavy relative to the modest weight of the aircraft. Nine seconds later, the cockpit voice recorder stopped recording. The Director of Safety at National Airlines stated that no risk analysis was conducted for the carriage of heavy, centre-loaded floating palletised loads like the MRAPs. This led to a loss of control (if I remember well) and a crash in which the crew lost their lives. There is no analysis nor conclusion at this time; the final report has not yet been released. No special guidance, strapping diagrams or photos were provided to him. This rule is mostly to avoid the stress/grief caused to families as they listen to the last minutes of a loved ones life. Neither did the loadmaster: he had never worked a National Airlines flight with an MRAP as part of the cargo load before, not even the 12 ton version. What did you – Did you put a couple more on? Although, we can also see a transcript of what is said in the cockpit, so there obviously exists some recordings from the cockpit. The only hitch was that at Aden the ground equipment could not handle the load and it took half a day to offload it. That irony was then squared in that the bantering was a directly contributing cause of the crash, in that they forgot to deploy flaps and slats. I suppose something like modern phone buds-and-mike would…, Niki Lauda has been in the air travel business since 1979, with "Lauda Air" and "niki" before "Laudamotion". They were the same straps used on the tie down to the airplane. Singapore Airlines Flight 006 - 31 OCT 2000. Suppose now that something happens that puts extra strain on the cargo, perhaps turbulence, whatever. Now we are 2 tonne over the safe limit of these tie-downs. I’ve collected the key facts where they seem to help shed light on the cause. The aircraft had a rest facility on board, allowing the 747 to be flown with a double crew. There was no specific training for the Chief Loadmaster position. The Ministry of Transportation and Commercial Aviation in Afghanistan was joined by the American NTSB for the investigation. Not quite. Oh, one thing I remember from that briefing: The Ops Manager (a former Fokker test pilot) stressed the importance of all straps being tightened to the same setting. All the one that were keepin em from movin backwards were all [expletive] loose. Twelve items were recovered from the runway following the accident in the vicinity of Taxiway C which was near the point of takeoff rotation. The stabilizer jackscrew assembly was displaced and had scuff marks of paint on it, which possibly occurred on impact. They tied the pallets together with straps, 3 long and wide ways. Caution, may be disturbing to some individuals! The accident First Officer was new to the aircraft but was considered to have strong skills, both monitoring and flying, and was described as very well prepared for the change to the B747-400.


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