bad livery yards
Some people will make posts just to get a reaction. If your house is out of bounds to clients let them know this- you do not want to be woken up at. It’s important, be honest and clear of terms and rules from the start so everyone gets off on the right foot. No two yards are the same and a cheaper yard may just be a cheaper yard as they have less to outlay or they offer different packages. If serious issues continue and you feel the horse is not being cared for in the correct manner or is being neglected by the owner then you may need to get welfare associations such as the RSPCA involved, seek an, In your contracts, you should have a section relating to action that will be taken in the event of unpaid bills. You also need to have boundaries with clients as to when is a suitable time to contact you and not expect to receive requests for turnout at 2am or be contacted whilst you are on holiday and alternative arrangements have been made. If you’ve asked clients for copies of horse details, passports, insurances etc then make sure you see them. Without naming what was the worst livery yard you have been on and why. People aren’t exaggerating when they talk about the, Horse showers, electric fencing supplies and other equipment you’ll need can be, purchased from online retailers in the UK, essential being public liability insurance, Bitcoin holds the longest streak of the year, continues to crawl towards $13,000, How geographically redundant solutions can help your business, Learn the secrets of how to invest in CFD trading, Online surveys – A great home-based business, What to consider when choosing your business location, 4 important things a beginner level day trader should take care of, Pros and cons of swing trading and alternatives, Beat the trend: 4 things to invest in before they become popular. Make sure, when viewing, that liveries are aware of any unusual or specific clauses in your contract. You should always encourage clients to contact you directly if they have issues and that these are not included in effectively an open forum on a yard messaging system. One St. Stephen's day (Boxing day), I was going hunting - I turned up to find the horse plaited up and immaculate, and the lorry loaded. god i know how you feel - i think you will find lots of us do! I now rent my own yard [just for me] and I love it and would never go back to livery. Other clients will soon notice this and feel they can join in! Thanks to some encouragement from people on here I left and now keep my girls on a farm, we have a lovely big field and two stables and a tack/ feed room which is more like a small barn! a new client, you could request a holding deposit for their notice period to elapse. It’s important to have fixed fees for all your services and to make sure these are charged accordingly to the clients. Our yard has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy spending time with your horse, and relax knowing that your companion is in safe hands. we have space on my yard, only me there!! Not just to have a contract, but to make sure they are signed and returned as soon as new liveries are on the yard, or at the very most within 7 days, and that any requested documentation is supplied at the same time. Do not forget that you can also add ‘administrative’ costs and can also add a percentage of interest to debts owed (as long as you have this in your contract). From worm burdens and lice to other, more serious, diseases and illnesses such as strangles. I originally kept my horse at the riding school/livery yard where I learned to ride. If the owner allows the animal to be used by a third party on a part loan or share agreement, then make sure the owner knows you need to be aware of this, and that anyone else on the yard caring for their horse will also fall under the points included in the contract such as rules of the yard. Although it can seem pointless advertising if you fill spaces quickly, this can also promote other things you may offer such as facility hire or instruction. However, just because someone visits the yard and likes it, you are not committed to giving them, if you do not feel they or their horse would suit the yard. Never act or say anything you think you may regret later. Make sure you can identify who is responsible. This may be starting legal proceedings, retaining tack or equipment or- in the most serious of circumstances- taking the horse in lieu of the payment. Online methods of keeping in touch with clients- such as WhatsApp, Facebook pages, group texts or messages, can be a great idea and allow quick and easy communication with clients and you are able to get quick responses and see who had read messages. It was awful - lots of unsupervised kids with their own ponies and no idea whatsoever. Whether you wish to have a say in this is important as you need to ensure that anyone coming onto the yard on a regular basis knows and respects the rules the same as any other livery client.


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