are khao manee cats hypoallergenic
Here’s what you need to know about why cats purr and what your cat may be telling you when her motor is running. I just got a female yesterday. Individuals can have two blue eyes, or one blue and one amber or green. They don’t mind sharing the spotlight with the ones they love, and they will quickly form a bond with everyone in the family. I would love to have tried to find a male Khoa manee and breed a couple litters just for their beauty and intelligence. She does not like other cats at all! These energetic cats balance their moments of madness with more gentle moments of calm. Some Khao Manee cats have two silvery blue eyes. Khao Manee cats are reputed to be active, outgoing, communicative, intelligent and playful. As such, I’ve got a soft spot for fetch and have been known to initiate a game or two by carrying small balls, plastic bottles, deli cups and just about anything I can fit in my mouth. } Breed: Khao Manee Cat Size: Medium, 6 to 10 lbs Energy Level: 4/5 (but with bursts of activity) Talkative: 4/5 Coat: Fairly smooth, short and pure white. A family with lots of time and attention to give is the best fit for this super social cat. The ears are medium to large and the nose has a gentle curve. The ears are medium to large and the nose has a gentle curve. Good names for a Khao Manee: Elisha, Kola, River, Winter, By clicking on "Confirm", I acknowledge having read the Fiercely protected against export, this breed did not leave Thailand until 1999 when the first one … The mother is a taby and got pregnant in another state by an unknown cat. e.src = u; They’re considered lucky, and were once reserved for Siam’s (Thai) royalty. Their big, vibrant eyes can be any shade of blue, green, or gold, though the most prized Khao Manee eye color is odd-eyed—meaning one blue and one green, or one blue and one gold. Other names: Diseases and other health problems can develop later in life and should be routinely monitored. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("filename", "index_html");//base path All-white animals of any kind and breed are actually more prone to deafness, due to a gene that links both pure white fur and problems with the inner ear. They are mentioned in the Thai book of cat poems, the Tamra Maew as the Khao Port or “all white.” The name Khao Manee translates literally to “White Gem,” and they are also called the Diamond Eye cat. Click Here For Khao Manee Breeders Worldwide. I’ll be the first to proudly admit I’m one of those pesky people cats. But by far the most sought after Khao Manee cats are those of the odd-eyed variety, possessing the prized combination of one blue eye and one yellow eye. This breed wasn’t introduced to the United States until 1999, and the U.K. in 2009. I wouldn’t own anything else. // mobile ads She had a cople of litters of kittens so I know they are not full blooded Khoa manee but, every single baby she has had carry the Khao Manee traits. dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_text_color','000000'); I have had my Khoa Manee for the last year and this article fits “Faith” to a “T”. We have a Khao Manee too, she’s so lovely and cute. Be prepared to buy lots of toys and to participate in one-on-one games with this cat. Also, She had a second cat show up, All white, with gold eyes and same characteristics. Personality and Character. While this breed is not widely recognised as one of the best breeds for children, all cats are different and with the proper familiarisation may still be able to live with children. The ‘Tamra Maew’, or the ‘Cat Book Poems’ also mentions this breed, along with other endemic breeds from Thailand. They are not recognized as Khao Manee, but are still kept in breeding programs. He is built for warm weather having somewhat large ears, high-set on a triangular head with medium boning and a muscular, athletic body. Personality and Character. .addSize([320, 700], [320, 50]) In 1999, the firs… Khao Manee, a native cat of Thailand, have remained a very well kept secret. I have a cat who is actually Half Khao Manee and Half Siamese. He is a naturally-bred cat. Very loving and I can tell you she has too much love from my little sister the cats name is petunia she is beautiful cat. Khao Manees are known for being extremely talkative, so you can expect frequent conversations with this chatty companion. Make sure to regularly trim your Khao Manee cat’s nails and clean their ears. If your heart’s set on a pedigree cat, then your best bet is to find a reputable breeder. My Khao Manee breed is considered the original royal cat of Thailand from back when it was still called Siam. They are indeed amazing pets. The ears are medium to large and the nose has a gentle curve. Khao Manee cats are lithe and muscular with a pure white, short, smooth, close-lying coat. The Khao Manee’s eyes are one of the most distinctive traits of this breed. She plays fetch with me. Some kittens may have a dark patch on their heads, but that disappears within the first year of life. Insurance for dogs, cats, and other household animals can run as low as $20 a month, but that cost can add up over time. Once jealously guarded in their country of origin, there are still very few breeders in the West. Neither my husband or my daughters let her in. They are mentioned in the Thai book of cat poems, the Tamra Maew as the Khao Port or “all white.” The name Khao Manee translates literally to “White Gem,” and they are also called the Diamond Eye cat. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; We made a warm bed for her and provided food. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("sitename", "petguide_com"); I have precious stones for eyes – one silver and one gold – which are my most prized physical feature. These intelligent animals are fairly easy to train. A year later i ran into his origional owners who had gotten him for breeding purposes but they hadn’t told me his breed. She initiated a breeding program there, but these cats are still very rare in the US.


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