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But it’s sooo good! Seeing them as mere nuisances, Ray kills them all without hesitation to press the switch. Ray finds the obstacle unexpectedly easy, so she arrives first before Zack. Seeing Ray's intelligence, Zack offers her a deal: he will kill her if she helps him escape from the building, an offer that Ray accepts. Ray runs to the hallway, picking up the handgun her mother had hidden for self-defense and escapes to her room upstairs. I really hope there are more. But I also have a question, I don’t know if Funimation maybe cut some of the ending but I watch it about 6 times and it doesn’t show their bodies falling to the ground or Rachel hugging Zack, it shows them as soon as he pulls her out of the window and he said stop crying and smile then it cuts to black… And after the credits it shows the blood and the knife on the floor but no police or loud this. Let us go in-depth to discover which one is correct. But the Bible told me... That it was me who would not be accepted." Eddie then makes her choose between him and Zack while promising to kill her in a beautiful way than Zack would. One of the prisoners grasps her ankle, which Zack repeatedly stomps until Ray stops Zack as the prisoner has died. And that is, that both of them died at the end with Zack killing Rachel and then himself. After switching the elevator on, Ray leaves the room, but is eventually ambushed by the man. For this reason, she pretends to have gotten better in front of her counsellor. Ray feigned uncaring of the news and just return to her room. […] would be awesome, but I don’t think that would be a real case scenario. He tells Ray that he will give her a three-second head start. Let me know in the comments below! This makes her want to know more about Zack in the hope of understanding him. Ray awakens to find herself in an underground room with a beautiful fake blue moon, not understanding where she is. Zack tells her to stop running away from herself and that she's her own person. In episode 4, Danny says Zack couldn’t survive a shot to the head. Although both are respectable, I personally think that 3 might have been the true ending, besides the fact that I disagree a little with a few of the factors mentioned in it, for it would be a perfect way to end the show; Zack fulfilling Rachel’s long desired wish, and dying with her so he could be with her once again in the next life, along with escaping death by execution. Rachel wasn’t the one who broke the windows. And in their case, dying together instead of alone. Using the remaining of his strength, Zack carries Ray and they are finally out of the building. And they kind of “flew” out of the window so I think it’s to show they’re going to be together in death, *Cue fangirl tears cause I don’t want them to be dead and can’t handle that pain*. Child Zack being abandoned by his mother, When he was still a child, his Sept … Ray has Zack to wear the gas mask first and will wear it only when the gas gets her. Each is bound by a rule to never leave their floor. He stops seeing them as human and Ray has to “fix” whatever she finds broken. She shot the light of the room, allowing her to escape in the darkness and return to the living room where Zack once again confronts her. Danny's obsessiveness for Ray is so strong that he would follow any if her wishes just so she can stay with him, and went as far as almost killing her when she rejected him in the end. For a while, Ray's twisted view caused her to eventually believed Zack as her God after he helped her so many times, and when Zack denied this, she was so distressed that she tried to kill him to make him hers. Inside the elevator, Zack praises Ray for shooting Cathy at the perfect timing and asks why she came to the building. IS NOBODY GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT ON ZACK DOCUMENTS IT SAYS “estimated” AGE 20. She lures the bird with some chips that she found and takes the bird with her. I personally think that 3 is the most possible, for it seems to be something Zack would do. All i remember is that: 1st, Rachel had her short monologue as she closes her eyes, followed by a scream and Zack breaking in through her window 2nd, Rachel goes to Zack and starts asking him tons of stuff and crying, while Zack replies to her IN FULL SENTENCES UNTIL THE END, might i add. Ray drags Zack out of the elevator once they arrived at B2. Ray is suspicious that Gray is responsible, but Gray then accuses her as being the one who has ruined the lives of the floor masters and questions what if God doesn't approve of her oath with Zack. Angels of Death Ending: What ACTUALLY Happened? "Don't kill me! If that is your impulse, then there's no point to resist. We’ll just have to survive on webtoons and zines along with fanfictions that people do for us to get our Zack and Ray fix. The past Zack would never have “saved” anyone.


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