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Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Most forged and billet steel rods are made from 4340 steel. 0000032756 00000 n So that’s all there is to it. As you know, Pauter 4340 chrome moly, as well as our titanium rods have been part of the made in the USA performance aftermarket since the late 1980’s. 0000029486 00000 n But if that’s what it takes to handle the power, your customer will have to bite the bullet and come up with the cash. 0000007875 00000 n A longer rod that causes the piston to sit a few degrees longer at TDC on the compression stroke also does the same thing on the exhaust stroke – and that may actually cost you some power. 0000003975 00000 n Please be advised, all custom orders MUST be prepaid prior to production. Crower Moly lube #90897 is supplied with all titanium rods. Category: Engine. 0000006105 00000 n Fully custom rods designed to reach the expectations of the client. Increased compression (9.5:1) is recommended for maximum output. It all depends on the load, the rpm, and the quality of the rods used. Weight. 0000011740 00000 n Intellectual Property Protection Arrow Precision steel con rods are found in almost every arena of motorsport as well as in a wide variety of the world’s most prestigious motor vehicles. Standard bolts can stretch and fail at high rpms, so stronger is always better. This allows the thickness and cross-sectional area of the rod to be reduced so the rod can be 10 to 20% lighter than a comparable rod made of 4340 steel. Covid-19 Update Our facility remains open and Arrow Precision are strictly operating within the government guidelines for social distancing, with office staff working from home where applicable. It depends whom you ask, and the relative weights and cross-sections of the rods. Many racers want their rods to last as long as possible, so for this type of customer steel rods are probably the most economical choice. The CrN coating produces a thin, wear resistant layer on the working surfaces of the rod that significantly increases the component life when compared to an uncoated part by providing a hard wearing layer between the rod and its neighbouring components. Matt Smith Captures 4th NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship, ’77 K5 Blazer-E Features Chevrolet Performance eCrate Package, Papadakis Formula D GR Supra Debuts on SEMA360, California Pony Cars Mustang Timing Chain Cover, The Science of Speed in Motorcycle Drag Racing, AJPE 521 cid ProCharged Hemi Pro Mod Engine, Motor Oil Additives Play a Crucial Role in Engine Protection. Strength. Ȓc`rJ�f@l �Sf��� =!���A��������'w�#|��0�8:9�d^"�x�_pq��=�qn�=S~�! 0000066670 00000 n If the rods you ultimately decide to use in a customer’s motor fail, your customer may blame you for putting the “wrong” rods in his engine. Now you can start to compare the relative merits of various rod configurations and materials. This products quality exceeds all known available property balances for currently manufactured connecting rods. This leaves more metal around the wrist pin for added high rpm strength because the small end of the rod does not have to be drilled out to accept a bushing. These higher lift, longer duration camshafts demand close attention to rear end gearing and tire diameter combinations. If the item could be repaired by some small replacing parts,we could offer these parts to you freely. Multiply this example by the myriad forms, classes, even sub-classes of racing out there, and custom parts in reality become the norm instead of the exception. One supplier of custom-made titanium rods said titanium rods typically cost $425 to $450 each, or about two to two and a half times as much as a set of quality steel rods. Fast forward to 2012, with the addition of several high tech CNC machining centers, our production capacity has increased sufficiently to once again include aluminum to our current wide range of connecting rod applications. All rods are shot peened using our automated process to increase fatigue strength and durability. Our Standard Light rods have been designed for the heart of the racing engine category. Free shipping for many products! to 6.7?) We can provide samples(one piece)before substantial orders. On the street, old myths about aluminum rods are slow to die.


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