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He played the ‘half man’ (young boy) from the title and shared screen space with Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen who played his on-screen father and uncle respectively. You have to learn from your mistakes and continue growing and pushing as a man,” says Combs, who graduated with a sociology degree in May and plans on getting a master’s. What have you been doing since leaving the show? Since the end of the series, Jones has avoided the limelight and focused on his studies. He got his first film role when he was five years old in the film Simpatico in 1999. Anything else you guys would like to add? It’s showed me what it takes to put on a good show. Jones: The funny thing is, when I came into this, it was almost a completely new thought for me. I came out to California and got to hang out and get to know the whole idea. He’s like, "Don’t be discouraged. “Angus is someone I’ve admired for a very long time. He was later seen in the moderately successful film ‘See Spot Run’ that earned him his first Young Artist Award nomination. Combs – whose name was last in the news when his father got in a dispute with Combs’ UCLA football coach last year – says his music mogul dad has had a big impact on his business sense. He played the leading role for 10 seasons before his new-found religious views and opinions conflicted with the show’s storyline. It was a great experience. Justin Combs: The goal for Tonite is to create an experience for our generation and to create the ultimate happy feeling, a high feeling, an ecstatic feeling, something they’ve never felt before when they come to one of our events. Have you encountered any pushback in trying to put this company together?Combs: Yeah, most definitely. That was the opportunity of a lifetime and everyone’s always told me that but I’m really actually understanding myself now. So naturally, Justin and I thought we could do the same thing in February when we’re not in season and we were wrong. His other notable roles were for TV shows ‘Dinner with Friends’, ‘ER’, ‘Audrey’s Rain’; and films ‘The Rookie’ and ‘Bringing Down the House’. [Laughs] They started to see the resources that they had and were seeing where the market is right now so it’s kind of a mosh of a few different things. Jones, 22, has preferred a quiet life away from the spotlight since his decision to leave Two and a Half Men in 2014, but he feels that becoming president of entertainment for Tonite is a … I think we draw a lot of people to our brand and the fact that it’s people our age doing this as opposed to a 45-year-old executive, I think it will also resonate well with the people we target. We kind of adjust based off of the advice but the core idea of the business is live events and experiences. As far as the company, we have a solid foundation but our first privatized event that we had put together had a great turnout but there were so many things that we learned. That’s how I’ve been applying a lot of my time right now -- trying to do my best to know the music industry as well as I can and as well-rounded as I can.


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