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So why did Daniel Levy think The Special One could make it work at Spurs? Dani Ceballos still a blueprint even if he’s not a solution, Rob Holding full of one thing this defense is sorely lacking. City and Liverpool are much further along in their development as top tier sides, their teams have been built under managers who have had a good amount of time at the helm and they all know each other very well, but you never do know in the mad world of football. That's about it, really. As far as rebuilds are concerned, an eighth-place finish and a berth in the FA Cup Final is incredible. Have they never heard of ‘Shabby Chic’? And I’m not just saying this as a cop-out in case we lose. A show “full of global superstars”? Try Watching TV, Why Female Masturbation On TV Is Hot Right Now, South Park Fills Stadium With Cardboard Cut-Outs. Let’s say we get nothing from this season in the form of silverware. What many Arsenal fans are struggling to grasp is what a rebuild looks like. So far I have got Mason “The dream” Greenwood, Daniel Flash James AKA “Barry”, Paul “hit and miss” Pogba AKA Mr Box office, Capt. We’ve done it before, though hopefully this time it can be a bit more… confident than last time. Doesn’t it worry you, William, that everybody that countered your point saw that comment coming from your first paragraph? Everything is better with a trophy. The NHL, the Rugby Football League and the UFC are just three other properties already using Twitch's sports channel. For other inquiries, Contact Us. What is success for Chelsea? Speaking on talkSPORT, Parlour said: "I think he would be more of a fit than Jorginho. Rioch’s sacking, unknown Arsene Wenger coming in to the dressing room, mix of french and english players and just to see the genuine reactions of the Arsenal players when Wenger set about his new methods or essentially not having 10 pints 3 times a week, 19/20. And Manchester United sure as hell didn’t either. Nanostad Arsenal Emirates Stadium 3D Puzzle. And for United, they still had endless vats of money to spend to try to make the rebuild easier. I used to hate him (which, in football-fan terms, is not real hate), but that hate softened to a wry appreciation, then to an astonishment as to how this man keeps getting hired. Or Roman could sack him in 12 months time because we only won the FA Cup and came second… What do I know? Arsenal team up with Amazon-owned Twitch to launch new behind-the-scenes content like Tottenham’s All Or Nothing series. And there will be yet more illustration of the municipal drabness of football stadium interiors. Liverpool fans aren’t unbearable because we won the league. He was fired from the last two jobs before Spurs, and Chelsea and Manchester United both had better global reach, better players and more money than Spurs. all or nothing arsenal. 84. We have to learn how to rebuild before we can get back into the mix. Arsene Wenger Is Leaning On The Club He Built, Arsène Wenger Calls For Arsenal Supporters To Be More Like Tottenham Fans, Listen To Arsenal Fan TV's New Rap, If That's The Kind Of Thing You're Into, Arsenal Fans Are Furious About This Italian Club's Offer For Jack Wilshere, It Looks Like Arsene Wenger Will Stay On As Arsenal Manager, All The Fan Theories Inspired By That GoT Teaser. I keep reading comments about how United won’t be a concern to the top two next season, given the points required to bridge the gap. And hopefully, Olivier Giroud doesn’t conjure any magic on the other side of things. Victory for Arsenal in Unai Emery's debut campaign would secure a place in next season's Champions League, with the Gunners having missed out through their final Premier League position. The ex-Gunner believes his former employers would have to fork out £50million to sign the England international, who has been linked with a move away. We were so over reliant on him for both Conte and Sari seasons that I barely understand how we managed to win the PL and EL in that time. 4.8 out of 5 stars 25. Plus how he has developed his players at this age bracket at Leipzig and Hoffenheim), Big Move at 24: Pep Guardiola (Learning his style at this age seems realistic, I would become the master of the pass), Big Move at 27: Mauricio Pochettino (What a nice guy he is, tactically smart too, just feels a good fit at this age for me), Three Clubs After 30: Claudio Ranieri, Andrea Pirlo and a random up and coming National League manager called John (All because I feel each would not only teach me something, but I would get on really well with as i slowly head into retirement) Enter All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, a show “full of global superstars”, and Eric Dier. And though they may not understand it, by god will the Spurs fans like it. Date published: Monday 7th September 2020 9:46, Send your thoughts on Arsenal documentaries to The Gunners will be joined by Real Madrid, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain in signing a partnership with the Amazon-owned platform. However my main point for discussion (and this has been borrowed from some podcasts I’ve listened to) would be what historical season would you have wanted to see a documentary on for your own club? That’s not communist. Liverpool wasn’t managing that with their rebuild. Amazon recently began experimenting with broadcasting a number of matches from the Premier League’s restart on Twitch. There will be more shots of Mourinho swearing charmingly at a room of blank-faced young men, desperate to get home to buy more Amiri jeans. “Can Tottenham Hotspur return to the glory years?” When were they then, 1961? As an Arsenal fan there are a few that stick out: 90/91. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Perhaps the mighty, mighty Lilywhites could give me what the Black Cats couldn’t. Danny ‘hot-head, red card, calamity, out of position, loose tackle, reckless’ Rose on a football pitch falls a little short in that respect. Does he have a plan for the next 100? We don’t necessarily need an exclamation point, but if it’s there, I’ll embrace the hell out of it. However All or Nothing’s gleeful deep-dive into Mourinho is also its shortfall. José Mourinho must navigate some tough fixtures including the North London derby against Arsenal. All or Nothing:… Not sure I’ve seen too much discussion in the mailbox of the ‘All or Nothing’ Spurs documentary. Arsenal 1996/97, and Arsene Wenger's arrival, is one call. After five and a half years, it wasn’t working, and as an Arsenal fan I know what happens when a manager stays too long.) Your privacy is safe with us. And the bit when Dier gets subbed before half time is compellingly cringe-worthy. He has c***s down pat, no worries at all. “Harry” Maguire AKA 80 million  prince. Not sure I’ve seen too much discussion in the mailbox of the ‘All or Nothing’ Spurs documentary. Hopefully in 3 years time we aren’t starting the season wondering whether we’ll finish 1st or 10th or whether the new manager will have to ship out 6 players to buy the 4 players he needs to fit the system he wants to play. Subscribe to Esquire now for a hit of style, fitness, culture and advice from the experts. Many rival fans may argue, fellow Chelsea fans may argue, but that is just how I see it right now. What a great leader he isn’t. Aston Taylor (CFC). An inside look at the 2019/20 season of the Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur. I want nothing more than to see Arsenal trounce Chelsea in the FA Cup Final. Regarding Marcus Rashford’s campaign. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. The 5 players coming into the squad are all first XI players. Give the man some credit, give the club some credit. Harry Kane, I suppose, who is officially very good but somehow still not very exciting. The pressure tells as Hugo Lloris and Heung-min Son have an on-pitch altercation. Most Chelsea fans will tell you last year we were pleasantly surprised by a 4th place finish and you if you asked any pundit and most fans this time last year, most would’ve tipped us for 5/6th Place.


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