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Chuck is a master communicator. What’s the Best Season For Asphalt Paving? Asphalt Millings Basically R.A.M. Recycled Asphalt is a perfect choice if you want less costly maintenance. Very easy to work with from start to finish!! It’s easy to procure if you’re working on a construction project and it’s been reliably used for a multitude of purposes. All forms of recycled asphalt, including asphalt millings, hold up well under harsh conditions like heavy rain and snowfall. It’s also much more porous than traditional asphalt or concrete, which makes it an efficient drainer in areas likely to flood or accumulate snow and ice. Always ask to see the millings before dumping to check for quality. If I ever need dirt again this is where I will go. It wasn't cheap but it was definitely money well spent.They came out to survey the job for an estimate within a couple days of my request. Once the asphalt has cured, you’ll need to apply an asphalt sealant to help protect the new surface. Highly recommend. The service is stellar A+, very organized, on-time and they are flexible on delivery. Awesome guy, great businessman, and a great connection to have. In addition to the melt-in and trowel mix products, you’ll need a propane torch with an extension hose, and a leaf blower or compressed air gun. Asphalt millings hold up equally well in hot and cold temperatures. Once you pave the way with asphalt millings. Asphalt millings are the product of taking old pieces of asphalt and crushing them down into smaller pieces, comparable in size to gravel. These are good folks that made us feel confident that the job would be done well and it was. If a depression remains the next day, apply a second coat. For The New Standard of Excellence for DIY Chicken Coops! I thought the quote was very affordable, and will be recommending him to my friends. For a prompt, precise, professional free estimate, complete the form below or call 703-940-9949. They were thoughtful as well, among other touches making sure to grade the new dirt (soon to be new yard) so rain water would flow correctly to avoid pooling and when they left on the last day everything was cleaned up including sweeping the dirt off of the end of the driveway. The remaining lower layers of asphalt pieces are usually still durable and strong, leaving a good foundation that can be used for repaving. Will be ordering more! 12 Most Common Mistakes When Pouring Concrete, How to Build Pathways: Brick and Stone Pathways, 10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Concrete. Remember, if you ever need. After asphalt’s useful life is over, the product is removed, crushed, and redistributed as millings. Are you thinking about installing a new gravel driveway for your home or gravel parking lot for your business? 95. Allow the filler to cool to the touch (at least 20 minutes) before covering it with the trowel patch material. Once you finish digging out all the cracks, blow the dust and debris out of the cracks and off the driveway using a leaf blower or compressed air gun. This is the second time I've worked with Chuck. Apart from the eco-friendly implications, there are several other reasons why using asphalt millings rather than gravel can be a good idea: At Lone Star Paving, our asphalt experts in Austin, Temple, and San Antonio have a long-standing reputation for the experience that we’ve built up as well as the high quality work that we do. It couldn't have been any easier or faster. I had a wonderful experience with Dirt Connections. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Chuck Moore is quite professional, and his personal service and attention to detail in arranging the right fill material is impressive. It’ll take almost a full day to repair several cracks if they’re 20 ft. long or so, but the asphalt repair work will last much longer than other quick fixes. Not only did he save me thousands off what I was quoted by local companies in Stafford County.


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