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“That taught me more than anything else: learning how to read people. Early life. Can gospel music survive the rise of hip-hop? ‘Love And Liberation’ “Is A Call To Action” Says Jazzmeia Horn, Mary J. Blige Bridges The Gap Between Hip-Hop and R&B, The Aussie Flow: Fusing reggae, hip-hop and psychedelic rock. Al Haymon elaborated on his business practices within his Ebony men interview in 1994 by saying: “Acts want to be promoted properly,” Haymon told Ebony Men in 1994. That’s how much I respected him. Mayweather Promotions, LLC is a boxing promotional firm founded in 2007 by five-division world and twelve-time world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., after exercising a provision in his contract with Bob Arum and Top Rank that allowed him to become a free agent for the price of $750,000. The two men would form a strong partnership deeper than boxing, with Floyd Mayweather referring to Al Haymon as his father who taught him business. His main career start was in music promotion, where he promoted such acts as M. C. Hammer, New Edition, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige, and Rick James.He branched out to other entertainment areas, such as when he worked with Eddie Murphy. [1] He also has an MBA from Harvard. Haymon was raised in Cleveland, Ohio and studied economics at Harvard. After that, I was the one who arranged to have him brought in by SFX. Haymon operates Premier Boxing Champions, a company with a large stable of fighters and deals to showcase them on a variety of free and cable networks. He would work with Eddie Murphy’s father and teach him the ropes of the promotion business as Al was classified as a veteran by this time. I did not make this article to invade Al Haymon’s privacy, but to share with other black people looking to get on the business side of entertainment or other industries opposed to the usual artist/act side like myself. I was basically hustling, pulling money together for these events, and learning at the same time.” — Al Haymon. Al Haymon’s formula was to take home a smaller percentage of the revenue than the artist, a similar business practice he would bring to boxing. Mayweather Promotions mainly co-promotes with Golden Boy Promotions. ; Al Haymon age is around 58 years old. Al stated the following about his mother in his interview with Ebony Men: “She was a role model for me to follow because she had built a small business, an accounting practice. Al Haymon (born April 21, 1955) is an American boxing promoter and manager. He was the manager to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and has won the Boxing Writers of America Manager of the Year Award a total of five times. He left music promotion, also managed quite successfully by him, and went into boxing. During his time in the music industry, Al Haymon would also work with legendary artist Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. [1] In 1999, he sold 50% of A. H. Enterprises to SFX Entertainment. ), “A quick lesson learned from Jack Boyle, founder of Cellar Door Entertainment and builder of the Nissan Pavilion. W hen Floyd Mayweather was recently asked about Al Haymon, he referred to him as the original “ghost”, and stated that Al Haymon is his father who taught him how to do business. Or in his case, get him to join us.” — Jack Boyle, Albums For Teens: Why Lorde’s Pure Heroine Will Always Stick With Me. His mother, an accountant, and father, a clergyman, supported him. Al Haymon has his own ways of thinking, being said to have leveraged his student loans to fund his first concerts while in Harvard, and this has aided him in his successful career. I don’t imagine a lot of information is being provided about this industry because it’s not a conventional industry for people of higher education to pursue. Al Haymon would also branch out into entertainment promoting top acts like Eddie Murphy for legendary tours. Al Haymon not only has lead music and boxing industries for decades, but he also was a pioneer of inking deals with large corporate companies. I hope to one day meet “the ghost” Al Haymon and learn more about his business philosophies so that I can strengthen my own business acumen. Golden Boy Promotions has filed a $300 million lawsuit against Al Haymon and an investment company, alleging violations of antitrust laws and the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. It is clear as day to see that Al Haymon’s success came from treating his clients better than himself and in being customer-centric, he has established himself in a multitude of industries. Al Haymon used his Harvard education to fairly promote musical acts and truly help make sure they were covered in every way possible, opposed to the usual greedy human nature to only think of themselves. The entertainment industry, and professional sports particularly, represent an area where we are basically the natural resource. Living now is a man who worked with the greatest music artist in Michael Jackson, the greatest comedian/actor hybrid in Eddie Murphy, and the greatest boxer in Floyd Mayweather who remained undefeated in his illustrious career. This piqued my interest, as Floyd Mayweather is a successful businessman and always talks about making smart investments and I was curious about who taught him. It was one of my best lessons. Al co-promoted Eddie murphy’s Raw Tour, which had became the highest grossing comedy tour and film during the time. Al Haymon, whose older brother Bobby Haymon was a professional boxer, and his bestfriend/business partner, Sam Watson, would then make their way to boxing by managing pro-boxer Vernon Forrest. After Vernon’s championship win in a bout with “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Haymon would then begin to solidify his stronghold on boxing by building a boxing staple which includes top fighter Floyd Mayweather. Upon receiving BWAA’s Manager of the Year in 2005, Al Haymon stated: “The stars are the fighters and, personally, I think it takes away from the sport when managers and promoters steal away attention from these talented young men, who do something very dangerous for a living” — Al Haymon. Haymon is rarely seen and never interviewed. signed Javon Wims from the Chicago Bears on November 1, 2020 because he wants to be Mike Tyson,, Behind the Scenes, Haymon Is Shaking Up the Fight Game,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 03:05. “I will tell you a story that few people will tell. Alan “Al” Haymon. [2] Al Haymon has been an advisor of Mayweather since then. Black people — if they knew how much money was in it and how much opportunity there was and how fertile the ground was and how successful and influential one could become by being in it — then perhaps more would be in it.


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