30 carbine accuracy
5.8 lb (2.6 kg) loaded w/sling, Rear sight: aperture; L-type flip or adjustable, front sight: wing-protected post, M1, Semi-automatic carbine * M2/M3, Selective-fire carbine, Proposed variant with improved sight adjustable for windage and elevation, Produced only as 'overstamped' model (an arsenal-refurbished M1 with new rear sight and other late M1 improvements). USD, more then he paid for it. I love my AR, AK and other rifles, but this one ranks up there with my JC Higgins (Sears and Roebuck catalog) model 30 22LR (also from my Grandpa) as my SHTF rifle of choice. Also, both during and after World War II, many semi-automatic M1 carbines were converted to select-fire M2 carbines by using the T17 and T18 conversion kits. Commercial ventures included the Universal, Plainfield and Iver Johnson carbines. And they earned the right to their opinion by seeing many of their buddies buried over there. The Mauser company you mentioned to me, I had no knowledge of. OK, OK! First Look: Leupold Freedom RDS Black Ring. The .30 carbine is a self-loading cartridge, and you must produce consistent ammunition with a proper taper crimp for feed reliability and safety. The propellant later became available to the canister trade as Winchester 296 Ball Powder, or W296 for short. The M1 carbine mounts the standard M4 bayonet, which was based on the earlier M3 fighting knife and formed the basis for the later M5, M6 and M7 bayonet-knives. Inconsistent rimfire ignition is still a subject for discussion. The alternate types that are an inch thick are much betting at snugging up. As a result, the carbine was soon widely issued to infantry officers, American paratroopers, non-commissioned officers, ammunition bearers, forward artillery observers, and other frontline troops. [5] In total, about 20,000 sets were made before they became obsolete, and were surplussed to the public. In my search to find one of those rifles in decent condition, I came across a Springfield Garand, brand new, in the box, at a little store in Fairbanks, AK. When I went through basic training in the early 1960s we were required to qualify on both the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine. Thanks for filling me in – would really love to hear how it works out. for the 9 mm. The barrel is in good shape and I set it up the way the CMP suggests in there article on accuracy with the M-1 Carbine. Can you shoot .40 S&W out of your 10mm Auto. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. (r.). Firepower should be plentiful and easily replenished, and accuracy shouldn’t suffer as a result of shorter barrels or reduced sight radius. I don’t have one and think they utilize a loaded cartridge to function, but maybe there is a 30 cal carbine analog out there? Upon getting the rifle, I saw it hadn’t been properly cleaned in something like 20 years, so I had to field strip it and remove a good deal of built up grease, cosmoline, and a spot of surface corrosion on the barrel…. If your criteria focus on size, weight or accuracy, the Kel-Tec CMR-30 is a surprisingly good fit. Then I proceeded to the him It wasn’t the gun that was off target, but that it was him that was off target. But, hand over a AK-47/Type-56 and ask them to shoot at a distant target, that was a different story. During manufacture the front sight blade of a military M1 Carbine with the flip rear sight was intentionally made too tall and then filed down to the proper zero during function testing of the firearm. Take a look at the rear receiver tang, which engages the recoil plate that is in the stock. Due to considerable variations in points of impacts of various .30 Carbine loads, the fully adjustable sight of the later version is much preferred, although the present sight is fine for those who stick with a single load. You article has certainly given me another option to consider. Thanks for the tip. Their web address is http://boolits.gunloads.com. A reasonable goal for a good, tight .30 carbine is 4 inches at 100 yards. http://www.gunbroker.com/Rifle-Magazines-Rifle-Clips/BI.aspx?Keywords=*M1+. It was still fighting in Africa and South America a decade or so ago. And to show me his expert marksmanship by blasting away with two 30-round magazines. The .30 Caliber carbine ammunition was also far cheaper to produce than the standard .30-06 ammunition; used fewer resources, was smaller, lighter, faster and easier to make. And most people weren’t by guns at the time. If given to a well trained shooter, the AK-47/Type-56, is a good shooting weapon. Kel-Tec took a decidedly different approach wit… The best type of barrel band by all reports seems to be the bayonet lug type, but this design is a bit difficult to find. At 50 yards, the results were certainly sufficient to stop any threat, and at closer distances, it becomes more a matter of shooter skill than the mechanical precision of the Kel-Tec. [5] When this occurred, pressing the mag release caused the loaded magazine to drop into the dirt, while the safety remained in the off position. Yeah a M1 carbine in a detachable 44 magnum box magazine. When I was 14 my dad got me an Inland M1 carbine made by General Motors in 1944. When I use steel cased ammunition for my AK-74 Bullpup rifle, I will liner my dopp bag or range bag, with brass or bronze foil. the ground and stuck him again.. [21] However, field reports indicated that this sight was inadequate, and in 1944, it was replaced by a sliding ramp-type adjustable sight with four settings: 100, 200, 250 and 300 yards. For the first time, U.S. soldiers had a weapon that allowed them to visually detect Japanese infiltrating into American lines at night, even during complete darkness. The cartridge is no bottleneck, and the cartridge case is 1.29-inches long. I don’t think he ever fired it because he had an unopened wooden military case of 1000 rounds in 10-round magazines in cloth packs. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Then.30+ years later when I inherited a carbine from my dad after he passed away. That way if anything breaks, you’ll know where to get the replacement parts from. Like take a Re-Issued Under New Management German Issue “Potato Masher” Hand Grenade and placing his Brand New US. During WW2, as a bomber pilot in the Pacific he couldn’t carry it in his B-24, so he only used it a couple of times to shoot Japanese infiltrators trying to blow up his aircraft in Saipan, Palau and Angaur. So far I have not been able to find any information on the actual development of the two cartridges. Good luck! Picked up two ww2 30 carbines in the 80s for 150 ea. He had purchased it a few years ago; fired one 15 round magazine through it and then put it in storage. Cienfuegos' carbine is on display in the Museum of the Revolution (Cuba). Some carbine owners use the bullet of a .30-06 cartridge to estimate bore wear, in lieu of a bore gauge. Your typical rebel would be lucky to hit and/or kill someone at 50-meters. If this band design interests you, check with Fulton Armory first, then the pages of Shotgun News. Upon discharge the 1st gut I bought for my collection was a used Iver Jphnson M-1 30 Cal Carbine with two 15 rnd , two 30 rnd and one 40 rnd clip. Precision is the keyword – An accurate .22 is more lethal than an errant cannon ball. However, it was markedly superior to the .45 caliber submachineguns in use at the time in both accuracy and penetration,[9] and its lighter .30 caliber cartridge allowed soldiers to carry more ammunition. I know that Modern English replace Old English, but this New English seem like it was created on another Planet from Alternate Universe. Inland production of M1A1 carbines was interspersed with Inland production of M1 carbines with the standard stock. Right out of the box, a few failures to feed were experienced. Federal Ordnance of South El Monte, Calif. H&S of Plainfield, NJ (Haas & Storck, predecessor of Plainfield Machine), Israel Arms International (IAI) of Houston, Texas assembled carbines from parts from other sources, Millvile Ordnance (MOCO) of Union, N.J. (predecessor of H&S). The little guns have a great deal of history that I believe is overlooked. Both the M1 Carbine and its .30-caliber cartridge were designed by Winchester, and it was the first U.S. military cartridge to be loaded with spherical powder. With some trepidation, I broke open the case, and took three clips to the range fully expecting to have the same difficulty that I had experienced in the service. I entered service in June 1967. "[17] two Our shoulder arms were M-16s. [12] The slightly heavier round bolt did moderate the cyclic rate of the M2 on full automatic. Army Issued M1 Carbine, instead. It is better to meet an unexpected attack with a short rifle than a pistol. ERMA's Firearms Manufacturing of Steelville, Mo. The gun shoots beautifully, I am able to get 4-6 inch groupings at 50 yards once the sights are adjusted – a range that I found to be its most effective (like the author in the above article). A couple years ago, they squared-off the M1 Garand Battle Rifle against the AK-47 Assault Rifle. And let the private explain too the Army on what happen to his Rifle. Springfield Armory M1A Tanker .308 Review, Husqvarna AB. His friend & next door neighbor work, and was over small arms dept. Dealing with sappers, preventing a machine gun position from being overrun, a tank being charged by grenadiers or an officer defending himself were the scenarios in mind when designers conceived the carbine. (l.) Thirty rounds of .22 Mag.


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