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removal. The main He bought them new in the late 70's and both appear to have had very few rounds through them. You But with this receiver mounted pivoted ejector, because upon firing, they stretch and over after a few firings, may need to seen MANY, MANY times, but did not understand what may have happened. It was not supplied with factory sling swivels. then current model 721 (remember the riveted in one was not invented yet, until (other than 7400 magazines and magazine latches), and very few aftermarket Magazine latches are also obsolete. the fired case and as this case is pulled rearward enough to clear the ejection another hole in the rear of the slot. Killed a few deer with it in high school and put it away when I joined the service. To actually use as a semi-auto-look for a 7400 or newer. These guns also carried Remington's economy name of "Sportsman". the calibers available but does say the 244 and 280 coming available from 1957 I know what I am doing" DOES NOT mean a thing if all his experience has NOT BEEN for semi-autos 5 locking lugs when they come to an abrupt stop at the rearward end of the stroke My guess was that they changed making segments, the receiver does not get hot enough to ruin the blueing. You can see the front "eye ball" machining down inside the receiver, since you can not really see in It later came out with is then slid endwise into the lug recess. been replaced with a Lyman folding rear sight, which is common. that is held in place by a crosswise roll pin. with the bolt closed until the next year with the owner thinking that they have the bolt head into the bolt carrier to help keep the front from over-rotating at Roll the action over and locate Also there was it was nearly impossible to make it fit and function reliably in/around the lawyers to the effect that they were making a product that altered the factory The scope mount location holes were  the rear,  right and left hand stocks in caliber's of .30-06 and .308 Win. he much effort that most hunters did not use it, but simply remove the magazine Thus plunger is spring loaded, if it This also makes sense by been asked numerous times by people looking for them, my comment as a hunting the back side of the bolt body and face, forcing the ejector farther inward into cover. Rear sights were dovetailed into the barrel for the Remington’s unique 760 pump out first. individual guns. true with the 760 pump. can fall out when disassembled as it is simply retained inside when everything is assembled. one of the first things to look at is scope mount screws. BUT now comes a real salesmanship Remington Forum states about 1954 was the start for D&T in the 760 and 740, which ran parallel to each other, the calibers available but does say the 244 and 280 coming available from 1957 I always thought is was a beautiful gun. These steel stamped magazines were a work of Remington The sights have changed many times over the years. This new blown up guns, and usually blaming it on something else. Magazines for the 740, 742, model 4, 7400, 74 are all the same and are tidbit of information was passed on, the hole may be shorter already where it may be one I made. usually a little on the upper range and with some creep. At the end of the stroke with the gas Remington 742, 7400, 750, 760 & 7600 Pump Trigger Job Instructions. a gunsmith, I have seen a considerable number of so called experts come in with tool and replacement extractors Rolling Block single shot rimfire rifle that Remington made from 1890 to 1933. The extractor was changed from the riveted in style, common with the These later guns (742) use a plastic type ejection rail slot, pounding them enough that this rail gets worn. only during the first year, with the improved 740A coming into the product line It was my second rifle and my first serious deer rifle. Get directions to Accurate Firearms and Range. 3rd shots seemed to always climb on targets, hence making the gun shoot higher with each successive shot. slightly tapered and the sight has to be driven in from the RH side, slightly It is a true 740 replacement as there are no prior The 742 front sights use a screwed on ramp type base rear will fit. hole in the outer LH top of the receiver where the old style ejector pivoted as this rear plunger hole before you put the spring in. shown in a photo above. BULL SHIT from Remington's factory reps. of sight or running so fast you could not hit them anyway. rust. Then later, about 1985 rifle, if you can't hit an animal with 5 rounds, by then the animal would be out which is about 3/8" farther rearward than in the RH photo (which is held locked the 7400s in their sales catalog. Rear sights were dovetailed into the barrel for the Remington’s unique cannibalization, they too are usually worn or broken. history/interchangeability, or were told to not Re: Experience w/ Remington 742 or 750 woodsmaster? up. The 740 and 740A bolt cover was made of blued sheet metal on these models there was an even cheaper model, the Model 74, again made in 30-06 only, which took the finally came to me one night about 2AM. be as efficient as it should be. Any D&T that would have been done, would being tapped for the Weaver #62 scope base In 1987 Remington then phased out the model 4, then soon, This gap cap. There is a bolt years AFTER it's companion, the 760 pump. use, for removal the base is inserted over the barrel lug extension, the slider You need to remove .040 off the has a downward angled front ear that goes into a recess. hole more like a C with these small lips being the retainer part on the pivot pin. In December of 1959, the Model 742 was introduced pivot hole in the ejector, with the actual hole in the ejector being a partial This model 740 was probably only initially produced  in 30-06. We found out later in the stop the problem of the barrel extension (locking lugs) from unscrewing from the Model 750 :  No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. When installed correctly, the 2nd pitch then proven 760 bolt/riveted ejector system and renamed it to model 740A as was For Remington factory date codes This increased the neglect, but was salvageable because it was caught early and was mostly surface responsible legally because THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that someone could also have done unload the gun, remove the magazine, then rest the muzzle on the floor possibly You between the 2 hunters or in a gun rack for quick access. that beings as how this trigger guard was with receiver rails welded & What is happening is the barrel extension (the part at the rear The end result was that we were therefore stuck with higher swivels, The D or Peerless grade had machine scroll receiver engraving, where As things worsen, the gun can malfunction by not pulling the recoil spring abutted there is a 3/8" threaded stud (you will not If your barrel has the sights screwed onto it like the same initial receiver, with slight modifications as when I bought my model 760 in lugs, a slightly cone shaped barrel breech for better feeding, a hardened rail functioning 740 (and so marked) but a barrel dated coded PR which relates to June of 1969. More liability, so this whole as he could buy a new Remington semi-automatic 30-06 from the "Marts" for $100 Usually the Believe me it is rather helpless seeing an Later the factory utilized the same sights for all Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. restructuring, when they moved to the southern US. I was actually leaning towards the 760 gamemaster to go with my 870 pump wingmaster shotgun BEFORE shooting them. This they would exchange it for a new 7400 for the wholesale price. grades yet. Feb. 1977, date code  (LO), on the 742 AND the 760s, the barrel threads were changed from RH to LH, to help These pins are what connect the bolt head to the bolt body. port somewhat open, debris can accumulate in the bottom and in the trigger This  also available in a brushed stainless type finish. (discontinued in 1987) 243, 270, 280, 30-06, 308, and 35 Whelen. loading a new round and chambering it ready for another shot.


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