1991 honda accord wagon for sale
It took about ten seconds to get the same response with the Saturn. I eventually came to really respect these because they seemed to have solved the body rust problems that had given Honda the rustbucket reputation that they had previously had, and because I met or heard of so many people who racked up insanely high miles on them with few mechanical problems. It was like a Prelude with a back seat and trunk. 750 hp with a/c! Fox Marquis/LTD – optional with 3.8. Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag. It’s clear the Big 3 excelled at marketing. While I didn’t buy one (I bought a Golf GTI), I certainly would have been happy with one. Still, I concede this here Accord was an excellent car. Still it looks a whole lot better than this crafted on design. It has a maintenance monitor that tells me when to change the oil (among other things) and the interval for the last change was close to 6,000 miles. Now if you had from the very beginning said ‘list of competitors’ as you say you meant to do, you have a point, but then again, it’s hard to really pinpoint the exact competition for the Camry and Accords of the era, as I assume they were cross shopped with both bigger and smaller cars. Extremely well maintained and cared for. I was talking about the direct competition for the Accord and Camry. Quality reinforces the next new car buy, but marketing does as well. GM also had multiple four speed automatic transmissions available in 1983. It's in great condition for the year. What domestic would you compare against an Accord for these qualities? They only begrudgingly started buying Japanese cars when the quality gap became too great to ignore. A very compelling package; a BMW in Honda clothes. With respect to JFrank’s comment–my parents owned a Plymouth Acclaim and they were not anywhere near the same league if you payed any attention whatsoever to how they drove, quality, etc. I didn’t see much appeal as a family car. Learn how your comment data is processed. Maybe a Taurus but that’s definitely to do with slightly larger space, power, and generally good press. Sold for full asking price within 3 days. But not all was perfect. 750 hp with a/c! Rare AWD 6-Speed Wagon: 1991 Honda Civic RT4WD This 1991 Honda Civic RT4WD is a rare AWD 6-speed example, and despite several dings, dents and scrapes, the interior remains in what’s described as “mint” condition, the seller further quouting excellent mechanicals and … They still don’t. So we bought our Corolla instead. Day and night. Lawnside Classics Update: My 1960’s Sears Mower Is Still Ripping Through Tall Grass – Why Can’t I Buy A New Side Discharge Mower? Quite a few, depending upon one’s interpretations of platform vs. model. 2 driver’s seat aluminum frame replacements, 4 repaints due to peeling and the list goes on. I give JPC credit to the fact that anyone owning one for 10-15 years would have come out light years ahead with the Accord, but when one buys new, they usually do not plan on that long of ownership. Or why Chevy creamed both Ford and Plymouth in 1961-1964? Yes, it is killing the big 3, but it is a lot of factors in the mix. When they make a better car, it usually defines a new class. A base model American car stickered lower, but once you put the same features into one, the Japanese one often came in cheaper, with better gas mileage, and none of the baggage that came with driving an American car in the early 1990s. A practical, good handling car. I don’t think individuals are stupid, but I do think that the general public does react to marketing more than you do. And it came in wagon too. I had a fifth grade teacher who owned a pair of the Accord wagons, I believe both were beige. In that era (as opposed to today) I believe that a lot of number of people moved from a US branded to a Japanese branded vehicle. This is probably my favorite generation Accord as well, as in many ways it was truly the most perfect Accord. And the difference between the best and the worst is really not that large. Because the old Honda automatics were basically hydraulic-actuated manual transmissions.


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